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yes, he should take that one back to the maker
whether to fig leaf or not is more of a dilemna.
was the fig leaf that Adam wore a flat fronted fig leaf or a pleated fig leaf?
I have bought a cashmere sweater (Murray Allan) from Jonathan at FIH and can vouch for the fact it is beautiful stuff. I was most pleased.
McLouds I presume mean. I don't believe that McClouds stock Loake 1880's but should.
I suggest you consider a pair of Loake 1880's from pediwear given the budget. I am quite pleased with the pair I bought.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I saw what you did there. isn't it past your bedtime?
oh I see. I meant I got the bit about whether you like drape or structure is a matter of personal style and taste. goes to show that communication, like personal style and taste, is open to interpretation. do I have to give the Uncola Nut back?
so after a day/night of intense bitch slaps - whether you (or all of your countrymen) like drape/structure is personal taste and style. I got it. but then, I had it before this thread.
Can someone suggest how often shoes should be treated with cream? with wax? Thanks.
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