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'look at me, i have buttonholes that work' is his statement.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers I think these are great. I don't know what you're worried about. i'd be worried about where the buttons on the sleeves were.
The_Foxx - great suits mate.
I like the look of Brioni (but the agree the price is prohibitive) but I don't understand the nuisances of styles with cuts.
nope. look good? feel good? taste good?
Quote: Originally Posted by 3stylelife The navy belt could be interesting. Much of the time it will blend to the background. i have never see a blue cow. maybe that is what bothers me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tez Mulan so what color suit can you wear brown shoes with? blue suit with brown shoes. i like a chestnut brown with dark blue.
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd there used to be a bibliography on LL but I think that got deleted in the purge. what happened to 'The Atelier' on LL? that was good!
no. yuk. brown with blue.
concentrate on the fig leaf. concentrate on the fig leaf.
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