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what is the weave of choice for lining amongst the cogniscenti?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria My socks get drape when the elastic goes. I hope that is helpful. - B Is that drape or droop..?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin The men's clothing forum is not your own personal retarded questions thread merkur. agree.
neyus, Journeyman - great info, well done.
Expert Alterations did a job for me a while ago (replacing a lining) which was fine so surprised with comment above.
The alterations mentioned above are simple. What alterations to jackets/trousers/shirts have people had done that are complex?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian It's called drape... or allowance for margin of error...
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur what are your favorite cuts/models in Brioni's range? can someone elaborate on the full list of cuts/models that are on offer from Brioni?
as long as its the buttons on the sleeves and not the buttons on the fly then I am cool with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia One reason you'll find not so much enthusiasm for Brioni (and Kiton) on this board is that people who really love either of those brands have little reason to be here. They're neither looking to save money on high-end RTW nor shop for a bespoke tailor, as they have a source they like and can afford it. Point and click. good point.
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