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were either Adamo Marrone or Joe Cutrone under consideration as part of search for tailor?
umm...give him a call/email and ask!?!
Wow - he should be a national treasure. That type of business is rare. Anyone had a shirt made by Mike? What fabric does he offer?
Does anyone use Amrik Chaggar for tailoring in London? What are thoughts?
'Lacquered Beech Side Split' from Dunkelman and Son ( - a manufacturer in UK - is the shoe tree of choice for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - SHITE... The cut is old & boxy That's a shame.
I can recommend a visit to Adriano Carbone (Elizabeth Street) so far as tailor is concerned. Harrolds, American Tailors, Henry Bucks, McLouds are worth a look but price/value is excessive.
It is good to hear from satisfied customers of Adriano. We need to support the decent tailors we have got.
I believe that Katrina's number/address is listed in the Yellow Pages. I suggest you contact her direct.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sleats Bemberg cupro for my choice if its a lightweight fabric. I agree with that. Who are the go to merchants for top quality bemberg/cupro?
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