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To me "Made in China" (which I extropolate here as globalisation) is bad because of the fact that it is the "middle man" who benefits at the expense of everyone else. My problem with "Made in China" is the massive difference between the price which goods cost in China and the price which goods sell in Australia (for instance) which indicates to me that someone has skimmed off a decent unjustified profit.
I have got a pair of Edward Green, Canterbury, Dark Oak for sale. Size: 7F (UK) Last: 202 Price: AUS $500 Cheers Jason fyi. Not Sold as at 15 Sep '07
for under $400 and purchase from retailer, you best opt for Loake which are a quarter decent (as the price does indicate).
best of luck
make double sure you're correct, get your bank onto 'em, and spank 'em.
cancel the transaction. reason: goods not supplied. that'll fix it. framesdirect, if you read, that is not good enough I am afraid.
one or two sizes too large. the bloke that sold you that suit is a criminal. bin it. learn from it. you shouldn't have to be precise with a tailor to get a decent result. but, you should provide a description (a picture if you like) of the look you want to help him see yourself as you want to see yourself. he should improve it for you from there. also, best to button the middle button and maybe the top button on that suit. you shouldn't button the bottom button (unless...
The website does not list an address for emailing for initial contact. Can someone please provide an address for emailing? Cheers.
I would expect to see more handwork for less cost from a top tailor in Hong Kong than you would from a top tailor in Australia.
Does anyone have a contact email for Mr Ugolini?
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