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Does anyone know who the English artisan beltmakers are out there?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator These old Italian gents who are happy to hand make garments from home or a small workshop must be found. ...and supported with our business (where the tailor is good at it) rather the manafacturers/retailers who overcharge.
please note this thread is resuscitated. what is the price at retail for Isaia MTM - suit (and for Isaia RTW - suit for that matter) in the U.S.?
that is helpful and will enable us to suggest a tailor to you. i would suggest, from what I have heard, that Sam Disano would be where you are at.
what style would suit your build would have been a good question to start off with. you might find that the options are limited by your price range. what is your price range?
I would have thought that someone with a shape that was difficult to fit would be best advised to use a tailor for best result rather than run the gauntlet of RTW. p.s. you will not get hand made everything for $3,000. it is more like $30,000 and 3 months solid work.
What AS Collection and Shoe would these be?
Pickett has been mentioned before on The London Lounge - www.pickett.co.uk. Does anyone know who the beltmaker is for Pickett?
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc How do you identify C&J made shoes at Brooks Brothers? I think the last number and nail pattern are the indicators. A thread which discusses is here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=24109
I notice that some shoes are made with single thickness soles and some shoes are made with double thickness soles. Is there a practical reason for the double thickness soles?
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