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don't use chemical anti-perspirants. use natural deodorants.
hear hear. suits are not best with braces. braces are for fogies. what do people prefer so far as material for buckle is concerned?
I would be interested in who the English artisan beltmakers are out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Here are few points to consider. The weight and thickness of the cloth. I use a heavy cotton drill or a thin piece of cotton coat pocketing material. Depends on what is being pressed. When using a press cloth you need to move slowly. I also use a spray bottle to dampen the cloth to make steam and then leave the iron in that one spot to dry the cloth. Using a spray bottle I can control the amount of moisture and how...
i have the impression that there is a prevalence of American artisan beltmakers - online at least. not so the English artisan beltmakers.
nice, Tomasso, nice.
..and yet you still opened and read the thread. now that the dickhead has been slammed, back to belt porn...
anyone got shots of belts from Igor Semonov to share?
i can recommend a purpose made pressing cloth from a small rural craft business here in Australia - Interface Pty Ltd. it is called the 'Best Boy Pressing Cloth'. check it out at the item can be shipped to anywhere in the world.
anyone got a belt from this craftsman:
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