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savvyibd - voxsatoria has given you sage advice. pick a style and choose a tailor in accordance with the style you want, not in accordance with the tagname you want. this is best for both you and the tailor you use.
Does anyone know the spread between retail price and wholesale price for brands the likes of Kiton, Brioni - in EU?, in US? (I am sure the spread is huge where I live - in AUS - and would be interested in this as well for sake of comparison)
Here I am! Adriano does from made-to-measure to bespoke. A made to measure will be 2 - 4 weeks as typical but this could be adjusted to accommodate the circumstance. He does a suit with structure. His is address is The Block Arcade, Level 1, Suite 121, 100 Elizabeth Street. I would recommend anyone to go see him and have a chat with him about what you want.
maybe send an email to '' and enquire direct
Yes, that is disgraceful and management should be ashamed.
5 Dec 08, Director Paul Sargent said: "We're trying to go more up-market all the time, because we want to go for the business we feel is best for our long-term future. "We are doing more handmade shoes and are going back to the techniques we used to use years ago. "This means we have to review our staffing levels and we also feel that during the current economic situation this is a prudent thing to do." I would have thought this was a restructuring not a...
I'd like to know if it is possible to raise the crotch but leave the waistband where it is - as well as what is involved. what! i decided to add to existing threads rather than start new threads (and, yes "a lott"!). i would like to suggest that at least I have attempted to contribute to the thread to either add more information, or extract more information, rather than derail a thread with a comment about who added what when which is, well, inane (and, not "V.helpful"!). now, back to Paolo Scafora...
you could go alright here:
Quote: Originally Posted by Osprey Guy I own around 100+ belts. That is phenomenal. I applaud you. I own 1, soon to be 3.
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