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Loake 771 T size UK 10 width EX Very nice red brown leather shoes made in England by Loake. Good year welted. Leather sole. Very nice leather with a deep shine. Superior to the current 771 Loakes. Size: UK 10  Width EX (between E and F) Last: 79 Price: 60 Euros Excellent condition. I've bought them second hand but never wore them because they are too narrow for me. I'm more of a size 10 G. Shipping Germany: 5 Euro Shipping EU: 15 Euros International delivery...
Sanders Southwark black longwing brogues size UK 9.5 width G Beautiful longwing brogues made in England by Sanders. Good year welted. Leather sole Very nice high quality leather. Size UK 9.5 Width G Last: STET Only worn a few times. Unfortunately they are a bit too small for me as i'm more of a size 10 G. Any questions please message. Shipping Germany: 5 Euro Shipping EU: 15 Euros International delivery possible. Please message for shipping cost.
Definitely overpriced. A lot of companies are going that route and it seems to be the best way to make a profit: Drop quality. Raise prices. Add more marketing to hype it up -> People are still buying itIf i lived in the states i would definitley refuse to buy ovepriced DMs or Solovairs. For boots would rather get something like this: http://www.chippewaboots.com/boots/classics/25260They also offer different widths.
If i had experienced the aggro getting out of hand like that i would have just done the same.Like the one smart young skinhead in one of those videos in this thread says. Sometimes a little aggro is alright, but the problem is that sometimes it never stops.
Can't go wrong with the "Combat" Harringtons from Ben Nevis.
Interesting, shirt arms turned up above elbow.
Going to a shop to try them on is probably the best advice. But be sure to wear the socks you're gonna wear them in and go in the afternoon when you feet are already slightly bigger than in the morning (yes feet get up to 1/2 size bigger during the day). Also if that are your first dress shoes don't make the error to buy them too small/tight (if there is any pain or anything gets squashed they are definitely too small) get something comfortable. Dress shoes feel quite...
Haven't been there back in the days but i agree about the crew neck not looking good. I always wear a heather grey undershirt ( same brightness as the skin tone so doesn't shine through the shirt). It's either a normal v neck t-shirt or tank top shirt for dancing or when it's very warm. Primary reason is warmth and comfort as the thicker cotton can soak up moisture. Never wear an undershirt under a polo though. The Polo is thick enough for me.
Don't really like the style but the toe box looks well comfy. Would still probably need a G width.
It is a bit unfair to compare sale item price with regular full price.Btw. are Merc Jackets better quality than Combat? I actually love my Combat Harrington. Can't really find any fault with the quality.
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