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What's the general rule for color combinations between suits and shoes; I am wondering whether walnut shoes will clash with a charcoal/dark grey suit?
Unfortunately that wasn't the case - just better lighting near the stairs lol. How exactly can the burnishing be stripped? Thanks.
Quick question regarding the burnished toes on the AE Kenilworth. I just got my pair of factory seconds and it seems the burnish went a little wrong, there are some lines of darker leather where they shouldn't be. Does anyone have experience with this, can it be polished over? Can the burnish be somehow lightened? Or from the pictures, does it even look like a major issue? Thanks in advance.
Does anyone have experience with the 65 last and 333 last? I am wondering what the general conversion is, I wear a 9.5D on the 65 last (Park Avenues) and want to figure out what my size may be on last 333 (for Harrison). Thanks in advance.
Great review. Thanks.
Has anyone had experience with their Blue Line or Suit Up Tailoring service? If I get their OTR suits I would need some additional tailoring done anyways, at which point at only $650 to $750, it may make more sense to get MTM. Any thoughts?
Hi Everyone, I'm in the market for a
Repost: Does the watchband need to match the color of your shoes/belt?
The pictures are of somewhat bad quality, but what do you guys think? I know the jacket is a little tight, so I will be going to tailor to let it out a bit...what else needs to and can be fixed?
http://www.suitsupply.com/navy-suit-napoli/P2778,en_US,pd.html?start=6&cgid=Suits Looking into getting this suit, and would need to lengthen the sleeves about 0.5-0.7 inches on a 38R to make it work. Would I be even able to do this with the functional buttonholes?
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