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 According to the French government themselves, in 2010, there were between 5 and 6 million Muslims in France. It is now 2015. Can we argue about the point and not how precise the numbers are, please? It's the laziest form of rebuttal.
 Don't underestimate the inability of these dimwits to understand this. You can't kill an ideology with bombs.
 Says the world's most renowned CEO.
 I spent one year in Japan on a gap year; I am not Japanese.   Also, I know for a fact some (if not all) of these statements are wrong--like not being able to import Arabic Qurans (they can't even spell it correctly, LOL)--because I had Muslim friends whilst I was living there. There is a fucking Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo. The Japanese are notorious cagey about all foreigners, not just Muslims. *Yawn* Here's this right-wing, fucktard post being...
 So, terrorists gaining access to guns--which may have an end result of innocent lives lost--but which boosts the economy is OK? LOL, this thread is full of brilliance. 
 You and Sander are probably the best posters in this thread right now. 
 Pents are waaay too slim, IMO. (Otherwise, baller.)
 That coat is fucking baller.  Where to cop?
 Hahaha, I know dis. 
Humble musings:   Don't wear a tie with that look; it's too casual. Roll the sleeves up a little. Wear a brown belt. Shoes are baller.
New Posts  All Forums: