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 This is really casual, but the little things make it look unsloppy. The turn-ups are a nice touch, and the clothes and shoes are clean and muted.
 This would literally be perfect, if the jacket was a regular and not sure or long and not regular.
 Well, of course, you wouldn't. I've picked up you enjoy being contrarian to me.
 The only thing wrong with this is the gorge is too high, IMO. Fucking spot on, man!  
 I don't know what it is about this, but I love it! (That's the perfect PS to go with this.) I'm sure the SC could have a nicer check pattern (same colours, less noise), but we can't ask for everything.  
The perfect lapel width: Use the golden ratio--the smaller number on notch lapels, the larger number on double-breasted.
I wouldn't call them 'very slim'; they're the average width of most OTR jackets.
Crat, that was baus.
 Just hem the trousers, so that the crease runs smooth all the way down, and you have a little break, get the sleeves shortened, and you have a good look there.
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