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 Pretty spot on but there seems to be a bit off pulling the waist (i.e. too tight). Otherwise, great first post! 
 You've come a long, long way! Brilliant!  
^ Very, very nice but leg opening too tight!
 I liked it, but I think the leg opening is too tight/I'm not sure I like the cuffs with those shoes.
^ Brilliant! 
Your kids' loafers are badass!
I have the same problem with a couple of pairs of jeans! The shin area seems to billow out a bit, and the thigh/knee is too slim. Why do jean manufacturers do this?
 I really want to like this, but I think the jacket is too large in the shoulders, and the jeans are too tight across the thigh. Good PS choice, though.  @Gerry Nelson, you're winning the casual thread ATM!
 This could be perfect, but the leg opening needs to be a little wider, as you have large feet. The colour of the PS is a bit off, I think, but not sure what I'd replace it with (I'm sure lots of colours would work). That tie knot is a sin (and the tie blade could reach a bit lower). Not sure if the sleeves are too long (jacket and shirt), or if it's just the pose. Those things aside, I think this is ace!  (Reminds me of SpooPoker.)
 Lighter tie or darker tie, methinks. Maybe, a lighter PS, too (in accordance to the tie change). Otherwise, great.  
New Posts  All Forums: