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 Would-be great fit marred by being too tight. Jacket might be a tad too short, too. Otherwise, nice. The shoes are perfect for that fit.  
 Shoulders a little too large/too much padding (for my tastes), tie is a bit meh, PS is scruffy-looking, trousers a tad too short, sleeves might be a tad too long (pernickity). Otherwise solid.
 It's nice to see you wearing colours. 
Where can I cop that tie?!  
 100% perfect. 
 A darker tie or a blue shirt would be better here.
 Pretty spot on but there seems to be a bit off pulling the waist (i.e. too tight). Otherwise, great first post! 
 You've come a long, long way! Brilliant!  
^ Very, very nice but leg opening too tight!
 I liked it, but I think the leg opening is too tight/I'm not sure I like the cuffs with those shoes.
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