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I would use brown suede brogues, but I know black is more trad with purple. The tie/suit/PS combo is beautiful.
 Swap the shirt for a white one, ditch the waistcoat for now (don't wear waistcoats with casual jackets like that), and swap your shoes for some brown suede chukkas. What colour are the trousers? Are they chinos or jeans? This would look casual with dark indigo jeans or more dressed-up with pressed navy chinos. One more thing: The jacket is superb; it fits you really well.  : 
 I thought the album was average. There is loads of shitty filler/hipster Weeknd minimalist shit and not much song structure. It's more of a visceral beat with skittish rhymes on top. His rhymes are good, and he is a good rapper. The songs aren't very good; that's where it sucks for me. 'Crawl' is the best track by far.
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