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 Much better! I would prefer it to be a dark red, though. The knit if def the way to go--looks good! :)
 Well, the trend in popular music has shown how much hipsters have affected the music landscape. You would literally have to live under a rock to not see it. Lorde, Lana Del Ray, CHVRCHES, etc. are the kind of artists who are starting to flood the scene. I have nothing wrong with the aesthetics of hipsters, per se, so you're analogy of leaving young guys in tight pants alone doesn't work; I do, however, find their stereotypical (not all hipsters do this) apathetic,...
Every Black Keys album ever has been complete turd, but it doesn't surprise me some hipsters on here ignore how shit they are, in the face of the undue attention they receive. Follow your ears, not the crowd. Same reason Radiohead have such a massive gargle-balls-to-following ratio. Reminds me: I need to make a 'Hipsters Ruin Everything' T.   Anyway, a good band here:  
Very unsure about that tie colour/fabric (would use a knit here, myself). Great SC, though.
 Those shoes look a bit like Clarks. Trust me, that is a bad thing. I would buy some better-looking loafers. Bad-looking loafers/winkle pickers are amongst the worst shoes a man can own, IMHO. Brown would be better than black in this fit. Dreadful:  Good: 
 Shirt too similar to trousers, IMHO. White shirt is better. Looks good, though. :)
 Your fits haven gotten so baller. 
Best new band by a billion, billion miles.  
 Isn't that jacket a bit too tight, or is it just the pose?
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