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 LMAO. Sorry, that is all.
I'm not a dandy, but that is a nice shoe collection! :)
 God, no!
 For all those boobs who incessantly insist that jeans can never work with a SC.
 As much as I dislike the 70s style, this is, actually, really well put together. :) Trousers are a bit too long (material puddle).
 It's amazing how far you've come along! :) Still need an extra inch or two on those trousers, and the first's shirt-tie-PS combo is too garish. Everything else is simply awesome. :)
 Woah, that gorge is hella high!
 This got 12 likes?
 Would fuck. (Haha, j/k.)
I would use brown suede brogues, but I know black is more trad with purple. The tie/suit/PS combo is beautiful.
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