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I think that kind of scarf looks bad 100% of the time. Subjective but one high up on the list of pet peeves for me. I said tighter (leg opening), haha, but I guess the thighs could be looser. It's really hard to pull of that rolled up look with a too-wide leg opening (I don't think that leg opening is too wide--just when rolled up).
Would look better without the scarf, and if the trousers had a slightly tighter leg opening (or the trousers rolled down). Jacket fits fine and shoes are baller.
Agreed. It looks like none of it should go together.
 Consistently, one of the best posters.
 Everything but that tie!
 Was gonna like this until I saw the PS; it might just be the poor fold, though.
Couldn't give a fuck whether I impress you or not. We'd probably get on in person, ironically. I don't care how much anyone earns, unless they aren't making ends meet. Victor answered, anyway.
 It's one thing to ask what someone's profession is out of friendly interest, and another to ask how much one earns. He asked the former. But, I'll leave it there.
 Motherfuckin' ballin'!
 Only if you're sanctimonious.
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