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 I hate how well your jackets always fit. FFS.
 I had a look at the sneakers on your website, and they look a bit basic (colour's good), but the rest and overall look of this fit is baller. The dark brown and crispness of the white looks great against the new-looking indigo, and the jacket fits perfectly.
 It was just meant to be funny. I do praise people just as much as I criticise (I thought), but I guess it's just that human nature element coming into play: People only remember you by the negative things you say and do. I'd like to think I over-thumb, but I could be wrong. Thank you for responding like a well-rounded human and not like sugarbutch, haha.
 PS too close to SC, but I like it, anyway. I always like an oxford best with an SC like that.
 If I've been a dick about it, you've read that into it; I try not to project things onto people (which is what you're doing). I'm sorry, but, if anyone's trolling around here, it's you trolling me. Just let me critique like anyone else has the right to do, and ignore my comments, if you want to.
How the fuck do you always find suit jackets that fit you so perfectly?! Do you go bespoke everything? (Now that's a beautiful tie/PS combo!)
I have never asked anyone to care about what I think; you either see what I'm saying, or you don't. After time, if you tend to agree with what I say or not, you'll form an opinion about me--just like any other human being. I don't like the friendly forum status, that builds up in this forum in particular, as people pass otherwise bad fits, because that person is a regular. Case in point: If NewYorkIslander wasn't a regular, he wouldn't have gotten so many likes for that...
 Will I be called a troll again, for pointing out that this tie and PS combo is heinous?
I don't think any of those colours [in the PS] couldn't work on their own but just not all together.
Haha, yeah, that's what I am--a troll.  
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