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The sleeves are likely done to spec, but the gentleman's posture is slightly tilted back which changes the angle of his arms with respect to his body. A remake won't fix that.
That actually looks pretty good. Rare to see a suit on this page fit that well. Same comments as the last post. Just shorten the pants and lengthen the sleeves. Hopefully there is enough fabric on the sleeves. Of course, it's hard to tell how much you need with the sleeves on the shirt being a little long.
It is small in the shoulders, but that might not completely fix the upper back. You may need to let some fabric out, even on a remake (very common and easy alteration). If there is a square shoulders option and you are not using it, use it and it will also help. I agree, it is a bit small in the waist.
It's hard to tell in the photos, but it looks like you may need to let out a few places at the back. It seems there's waves on the upper back (which will happen if you have high shoulders) and that may then also make the shoulders look poor. You may also need to let it out near your hips. Again, hard to tell, since it's difficult to make out the shadows.
@Mystic, One of your shoulders is higher than the other, so most off the rack suits are going to look a little weird on you. I suspect it's why your lapel roll looks poor. You can fix the other measurement issues with a remake, but the imbalance of the jacket will persist no matter what. Indochinos shoulders aren't made to accommodate your shoulder issue. You will have to search for a brand that lessens the effect considerably, get a suit custom made, or go to physio...
I love my Mackage Wade trench I bought last spring. Very modern, so I'm not sure it's everyone's cup of tea here, but I love it. You can still get it at Mackage's site and it's on sale.
@facet: remake is a lot better!
@Italo For the pants: It's likely your front rise is too short on your pants. It may also be that your hip measurements were too low. Either way, this can be fixed. I'm sure indochino must put a little extra fabric in case you need to let those areas out a little.
I got the shirts that I ordered. They are the best fitting shirts I've gotten. I ordered the white johnny shirt (extremely thin collar and covered placket) and the modern american shirt (bold plaid, button collar). I had tried shirts at another mtm site (blank label) and these are better. The fabric is higher grade and the cuffs/collar are of better quality as well. On the other hand the shirts are more expensive, so they better be a bit higher quality. I can't...
I purchased a suit from there and am fairly happy with the result. It did take a while for it to arrive. They say three to four weeks, it took 5, but I can't say if it normally takes that long. I have a sample of 1, not quite enough to be a trend. The most important thing, the suit looks good and fit well. The fabric is as seen in the photos (no surprises). I got the Boris cut in charcoal. It's 100% wool, has a very nice feel, and is not too heavy. The pick...
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