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Looks pretty good. Is that the Napoli?
I like a nice lining, and it can make a difference. A cool looking suit with crap lining is like a cool looking car with uncomfortable seats. If you're just going cruisin' downtown it's fine, but it's not fun on long trip. As long as it's not 100% polyester it's not that big a deal. It seems like it shouldn't be poor at the very least, so I went ahead and made an order.
Could anyone let me know what the lining is made with. The Sienna and Jort have bemberg lining. What about the other ie: Washington, Lazio etc.... is it Poly/Viscose?
Is it possible to resize a pair of pants completely. ie: from a size 36 to a size 32 by taking in each seem? My guess is it's likely more expensive than a new pair of pants, but curious if it can be done.
Hey, I came across your post and have had the same problem with the chest. You may have you hips too far forward with respect to your back. This makes your chest hit the jacket too high. Here's a couple exercises to try to open up your hips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CklAEBtBsuo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCff13dGq7U Good luck.
I have noticed in looking at a lot of indochino suit photo - be it the ones in their promos or the suits people show off in the indochino forum on this site - that something weird is often going on with the lapel rolls. Often it appears the roll ends really early. Other times I've noticed that the roll itself is very wide. I tend to prefer a tighter roll and notice most high quality suits will not have the roll billow out. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this just...
It's amazing how much insight you can get on a person's body based on the way a suit fits them. My guess (check this with a physiotherapist) you have an anterior pelvic tilt, as well as you hips being off balance with your right hip slightly forward. This causes your left shoulder to go down a little (problem at the neck) and the booty action which is worse on the left side). No suit you will ever buy will compensate for that. You have to get something that almost fits...
The sleeves are likely done to spec, but the gentleman's posture is slightly tilted back which changes the angle of his arms with respect to his body. A remake won't fix that.
That actually looks pretty good. Rare to see a suit on this page fit that well. Same comments as the last post. Just shorten the pants and lengthen the sleeves. Hopefully there is enough fabric on the sleeves. Of course, it's hard to tell how much you need with the sleeves on the shirt being a little long.
It is small in the shoulders, but that might not completely fix the upper back. You may need to let some fabric out, even on a remake (very common and easy alteration). If there is a square shoulders option and you are not using it, use it and it will also help. I agree, it is a bit small in the waist.
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