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I think the lapels look fine IMO. The jacket seems a tad long. Have you tried the same jacket in a short (or R if your in an L). It may suit you better.
I don't remember seeing a plain Navy, thought it seems odd they wouldn't offer that since I think a navy suit is the most common thing people buy. I got the Navy pin-stripe in the Pima Cotton and it's very nice. It doesn't crease like cotton suits you'd be used to seeing in the summer. I also got a charcoal pinstripe in a flannel wool. I haven't seen that on the site however.
The peak lapels are actually wider on the Washington Half than the Washington. I find the "Half" ones a bit too wide.I don't think the fit will be quite as slim as Dior. I believe the Dior is an 8 inch drop. You can always have it taken in or get MTM if you go to the store and you really need it. You might also be able to do a cut like the Napoli in a lower size and see how that fits. I find most 8 inch drops are basically cut like a regular suit that is a size down...
Went to SuitSupply in Washington and went on a bit of a spree. I got three suits, 2 in the Soho cut and one in the Washington. I absolutely love the Soho. It's a very slim fit and the shoulders are very soft. If anyone is looking for a trendy double breasted it certainly fits the bill. I wore one today for work and got lots of compliments. Both are cut slim. I know they say 6 inch drop on the site, but they generally feel like 7 inch drop suits. I normally wear a...
I've bought a couple shirts. Both were extra slim fit. I fit well in their washington, and am guessing if you are built for that cut, then the extra slim fit would likely do you well. If you can't fit into that and would do better with a napoli then you might want to go for the "slim fit". Of course, nothing's better than actually trying one on. I really like the fabric on each of the shirts and will definitly buy more.
I think you're going to want to get a remake on this. The shirt sleeves are an easy fix and 1 inch shouldn't be an issue, but there's other things going on with the jacket. First, it seems too tight at the waist. See the tugging you're getting at the buttoning points (folds emanating from that area), that means it's too tight. It's difficult to tell from the picture, but it looks like the sleeves are too narrow at the bottom for the french cuffs. That would cause some...
It's ok. The sleeves are a bit long, and the upper back needs to be let out. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it might be a tad tight at the waist.
Some of the suits look awful and people should be aware. That being said, expectations can often seem a bit high. You're spending 400$, don't expect a suit that looks like it's $2000. Buying an MTM takes a bit of expertise on the buyers part as well, so you can't blame the company for everything. If you don't know if a suit fits well when looking in the mirror, you should be going to the store and getting help, not ordering on-line and hoping for the best. After you...
The fit looks pretty good. I wouldn't worry so much about the back. You don't seem to have any bunching which would indicate the suit is too small for you. (It'll also look better after you undue the vents.) I think you're better off letting out the sleeves than getting a longer jacket. The length seems good.
Looks a tad tight, but it might be the way you're standing. How does it feel?
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