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Actually looking for something heavier weight. Think I'll go with the striped blue flannel Havana and tan flannel Hudson. I have a few dedicated winter suits and enjoy the fun of having something different for the season. Decided I would get a few more and round out a small winter collection.
Are the fall/winter traveller fabrics different (thicker) than the summer versions?
Hi, I'm looking for information on the Mercer fit. I have found a 36R Washington fits me well (only alteration needed was to let out the pants a little); however, I recently tried a Havana 36R and it was too tight (particularly the pants). It's odd since the measurements on their site would indicate the Havana should be looser? Does the Mercer fit like the Havana? Are the pants just as tight?
That much cuff is acceptable, but if you're more conservative then lengthening it out is no big deal. You can lengthen sleeves with functional button-holes as long as it's not too much. .25 of an inch or half an inch won't be an issue. Wear it how you're comfortable or it will stay in your closet too often.
While the Havana is slimmer in the arms, I found that it was not as slim as the Washington around the waist area.
I find the Havana fits very well on you. Just a slight touch-up on the sleeves. I actually find the Napoli and London look a tad tight on you.
Have that same suit. Love it.
I have this suit and it's one of my favorites. The fabric is very nice with beautiful tonal stripes.
A couple thing; First off - do not button the top button. It's a 3 roll 2, meaning you never button the top button, it's cut to fit like a 2 even though it's a 3. The whole thing is too long and you should order a short and see how that goes. The whole jacket will fit better since the buttoning point will be at the proper position, where your hips start on the jacket will be proper, it's more than just the length being better.It may be that the shoulders will end up...
The Soho is slimmer than the Napoli, but a little less slim than the Washington. It would be closer to Washington than Napoli however. Hope this gives you a better idea.
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