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Not really sure why they do this ('stretch' leather?) I sized down and it fits me perfectly.
Doesn't work on the sales items
Moved out of the city to the Peninsula (San Mateo), looking for a competent tailor if anyone can recommend one
Love that floral outfit, wish I had those pants! Would suggest darker shoes.
Anyone know if they include tailoring credit? Picked up a couple Madison suits but might still need some work...
Have that same Explorer jacket, love it.
German Army Trainers. Or $400 sneakers.
Bastille in San Francisco had two when I picked one up there last week.
EG seems to be hit-or-miss for the most part, even their sizing consistency is random (I'm usually a small but some models are insanely tight-fitting). Wouldn't bother tailoring any of their stuff - just one of those styles that's better loose-and-billowy than fitted.
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