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Men -- I thought I'd join your thread. Below is a link to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it's has good and broader information for you, and the reporter quoted me accurately. We will indeed maintain -- even continue to improve toward the endless pursuit of perfection -- our quality.Best wishes,Paulhttp://www.jsonline.com/business/mens-wearhouse-reported-bidding-for-allen-edmonds-b99126284z1-228843321.html
Tough crowd!It's a long story for this late. A summary: a little lift in back is fine, even good . Too much is hard on your foot under the arch. Flat appeals more on the shelf.Best wiahes,Paul
Hello again, Pastor --No surprise to anyone -- I do have both. The Patriot is snugger across the vamp at the penny strap line. There's more room right there in the Randolphs. The toe of the Patirot is broader and has more room for a broad foot at the toes. The Randolph tapers more, so you may need a longer size, depending on your foot shape.Those Townleys will fit like the Randolph, though -- so, if they fit well, that's a good size for you. Sorry about the stitiching...
Not so. I write my own stuff in these fora. Maybe I need to work on my composition skills, though... (How depressing. I thought I had learned a few things about both business and writing, let alone something about shoes, since college in the late 1970s.)
MN - This is a great question. Feet differ significantly in shape and form. You want your shoes to fit you well from heel to the ball of your foot. The ball of the foot is the key spot. If your shoe's widest point towards the front is closer to your heel than the ball of your foot is, the shoe will probably cut across your little toe and cause you pain and problems. If your toes are short relative to average foot measurements and the length of your instep to the ball,...
Salve Septimus Serevus -The DR work conditions are excellent, as good as in Wisconsin only with a lot better weather right now and a fantastic company softball team. Our head of quality there and our plant manager are both American citizens, and our production manager and head of administration there are unbelievably good and very experienced. The latter two started the operation from scratch for us. There's an active leather goods manufacturing community there (we're in...
Hello Pastor - Thanks for your comment. We have limited amounts of lighter cordovan shells left and, with the cordovan shortage, we're unlikely to get more soon. If you'd like a pair, please send me an email at pgrangaard@allenedmonds.com and we'll do our best.Thanks again.Best wishes,Paul
MediaHound -- I'd rather do it all in the USA and be able to simplify around Made in USA (full stop - no qualifier), but our business would most definitely be a lot smaller at those higher prices. Our U.S. employment would be a whole lot less, as a result, and our future prospects much less robust. We're trying to be accessible to a broad range of men and to sustain a great company. Sorry you're not in agreement with how we go about it.
David -We have Facebook and Twitter sites. Someday I hope to have an interactive Forum on our website, but that's a ways into the future. We do have the ability to post reviews on our products, though, and we reply to those directly, which is active dialogue.I'm not sure what you'd like with respect to the Sanford. We had to re-order the cutting dies for that shoe to re-introduce it -- as the originals had been lost. So, we're more than willing to use them again. ...
Just saw this.... I think I understand it and it cracked me up.
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