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I suffer from a very similar affliction. I have two glen plaid suits and two navy suits that are virtually indistinguishable. I tell myself how different they are in their pocket configurations and what not, but realistically, no one but me could tell them apart.I've caught myself doing the same thing with boots. How many brown cap toes does one truly need?
Those were the same run as the Oxblood, right? So theoretically, they should be shipping relatively close together?
Small timer, but here are my boots so far: AE Bayfields AE Daltons AE Long Branches Also a pair of Chippewa boots I wear around the estate... And a couple pair on the way: Oxblood cap-toes from AE, and calf and suede bal boots from Meermin.
You're off to a great start. I'd go either dark brown or merlot next. If you dress relatively formally, go with a balmoral like the McAllister. If more casually, a MacNeil or Leeds. Either looks good, though I'd lean to the McAllister for merlot.
Charcoal, too. If any pattern, very discreet. Small dots, very subtle stripes, that sort of thing. Just something to differentiate it from the black or charcoal jacket, ever so slightly.
Anyone have a timeline for the Oxblood Eagle County Rivers?
The Meermin MTO is almost full... Any more takers?
Almost there... Anyone else?
Alberta for me, so no HST, just 5% GST. Customs is so hit or miss, so I'm rolling the dice.
No. I never think that far ahead.
New Posts  All Forums: