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Yup.Double sole, split chili welt, light(er) edge dressing, three (3) speed hooks. Sweet.
Rotate it 45 degrees.
Brown CXL Bayfields and flannels today:
They started my love of boots, too. Actually, these were my very first pair of AEs. I now have these, Daltons, Bayfields, and a pair of Chippewas for around the homestead.
Wearing mine today... Snow for the last two days.
Thanks for that. One last question... Do you change sizing going from blucher to bal on the same last? 11.5D MacNeil could be 11.5D in that shoe?Thanks again!
Those look great. I still don't have a PA, and the 7-Last works great for me.What size are yours? I feel that the toe-cap looks so much different between the different sizes.
Well, they're half right...
I think if that colour were in a worsted, it would definitely be Joker-esque, but I like it as a tweed.
That looks sick. I might have to try that out this winter.
New Posts  All Forums: