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Long Branch for lake-side family photos:
I think that loks great. Well done.
Split welt and double sole?
Hey, Idiot (sorry... Really wanted to reply like that). I have no experience with shell, but my Long Branch, Dalton, and Bayfield all fit very similar to my Leeds, Big Sur and (old) Lexington, all on the 1-511 Last. There are slight discrepencies, but not nearly enough to change size or width.
And, now that I think of it, my LBs are a bit looser than my Bayfields, too.
The LB has the foam insole too, which might have a little more flex.
My Long Branch is slightly looser than my Dalton.
I assume very similar, but with pants.
I actually received an email from Allison this morning answering this very question. She indicated that we can still make one-off MTOs, with all the previous options available, and that a MTO fee would apply. Sale prices, as with the RDA Sale, would apply as well.
Oh, I absolutely believe you, I just find it funny I had never heard these words out loud before.
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