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Good day. I'm trying to organize a GMTO for a punch-cap bal boot in black calf and black suede through Skoak. Apologies to those who are suffering through this again. This exact boot, essentially: Any interested parties here?
Forest last, black calf upper with black suede shaft, punch cap balmoral boot. . Pretty negotiable on everything else: Dainite or leather sole, exposed or blind eyelets, speed hooks or not.
Black suede is FU enough. Sign up.
Many thanks, sir. (You in?)
My thoughts exactly. The black could, I feel, be worn with pinstripes as easily as to the opera, whereas the two-tone would be that much more memorable, and, thus, be brought out less often.
Not confused. Sorry. It's true, though, that black is just not as popular.
I believe the one I'd pictured was a stock model, rather than a MTO.
I'm just not sure about the grey suede. I love the look of the black on black; the grey seems like a bit much.
Only one?!
My Long Branches were my first pair of AEs. I agree with what's been mentioned, that they're a touch roomier than other 1-Last shoes. For reference to the question above, here are my Golden Brown CXL Leeds. I would imagine the LBs would be great in this leather:
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