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Different boots. His are Dark Brown, yours are the Waxy Brown Leather.
I actually have both, 11 1/2D. Bayfields fit just a hair snugger in the toe area, but not tight by any means. The LBs are a little more comfortable, with the insole, whereas the BF is more "solid", for lack of a better word. The Vibram sole on the LB is a bit softer and more aggresively treaded than the Mini Lug on the BF, and so better on slick surfaces.Formality-wise, I'd say the Bayfield is a touch sleeker, and, having less ornamentation, is a bit more formal.Hope that...
Pics, please.
Nice! Excited to see pics... Tan should look great!
That's virtually identical to what she told me. She takes good care of us, hey?
Did you size down, as many do with Wolverines?
Someone up-thread mentioned they flip over the plackards and have them engraved. Problem solved.
I think in the case of the Dalton, they would substitute the Mini Lug for the standard leather sole, unless you specifically requested a midsole for extra heft.
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