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As long as we're talking about it, I've only received one pair of my 5 AE at less than retail, as well as the two I have en route. I don't like bringing it up, but I'll get a deal when I can, and if I don't want the shoe bad enough to pay for it, wait or pass.
My current lineup, after some conditioning and polishing:
Bravo... The burnishing looks f-ing sweet!
I was thinking seersucker for this summer. I think I'd like patch pockets for an odd jacket, flap (with ticket?) for a suit. Make it in a US 48L and I'm there.
Well put.
Those are great, Bl@ster! Nice order!
Burgundy MacNeil. Boom. Some don't like bluchers with suits, but I think it's a good bridge.
Worth another requote. Damn.Very excited for my MTO MacNeils.
Haha... My bad! They looked to mevery much like the lighter ones comparing the photos. Apologies!
New Posts  All Forums: