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I agree that 100% cotton might not be ideal, but what about a blend? Will from ASW had a couple cotton suits with something like 5 or 10% cashmere made up a while back, which might be just the ticket.
I had been off the Hober train for too long, and sought to rectify that this morning. I ordered the new Grenadine stripe in a 4-fold, with British Stripe Direction: and Macclesfield print #100: Now the wait.
I was agreeing that the 5-Last is available in an EE-width, as you said. Mine was a MTO, so I'm not sure if it's available stock or not.
My MTO Strands were in 11EE.
Wearing my (discontinued) Lexingtons today.
Nice. Too big for me, but a great shoe.
Walnut calf MacNeils? What size?
I'm starting to approach a two (2) week rotation, but I'm also OCD enough that when I take my shoes off, I have minor panic attacks until shoe trees are inserted. My therapist says I'm getting better, though.
Merlot and dark brown are probably your best colour choices, given that you'd prefer to stay away from black and walnut. I personally have the McAllister in Merlot and the Strand in Dark Brown Burnished. They both go with a lot. If you have the time and the inclination, check out the Allen Edmonds MTO Thread for additional ootions.
Nice! What last are those Slatons on? They look like they'd play nice with my fat instep.
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