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BB and RL models don't show up on shoebank.com, do they?
I don't mind them; I'd wear them around home.
Bayfields, flannel, and tweed today:
Tweed season is upon us!
Grenadine Stripe #16 today, with the season's first proper tweed:
Damn ether. To be perfectly honest, it's the $200-300 CAD difference that's deterring me as much as the suede's contrast.
I agree. Something RL Marlow-esque.
Can anyone get through to the Group MTOs on the Meermin site? I can't click through after trying on my phone and two (2) different browsers on my computer.
Good day. I'm trying to organize a GMTO for a punch-cap bal boot in black calf and black suede through Skoak. Apologies to those who are suffering through this again. This exact boot, essentially: Any interested parties here?
Forest last, black calf upper with black suede shaft, punch cap balmoral boot. . Pretty negotiable on everything else: Dainite or leather sole, exposed or blind eyelets, speed hooks or not.
New Posts  All Forums: