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Hey, fellow Canadians: Do you have an online source for shoe trees? Ebay has a ton, but shipping them to Canada is ridiculous. Help.
A little more Macclesfield action, and my only 6-fold:
Size?!I've been looking for a darker brown blucher and coming up dry. These look great.
Inaugural wearing of the Macclesfield 100:
I do have a soft spot for houndstooth suits, but I feel that from more than 5 or 10 feet away, that suit would just look like a light grey, perhaps with some texture.
Check out this thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/340316/the-non-black-dinner-jacket-thread/
Those are great! I was seriously just figuring out a Golden CXL Leeds with exposed eyelets... And now I know how good they'd look!
I think the casual nature of your shoe, with exposed eyelets and such, looks much better with fewer.
I bought a pair of Renegade Service boots a little while back after coming across this thread: Mid-Obenauf's treatment on the left, as they came on the right. Post-Obenauf's I had my local cobbler add the speed hooks.
New Posts  All Forums: