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As I said, I'm quite prepared to have her tell me it's too far along to cancel, and if I have to buy them, I will. I'm sure I'll love them.But if someone is more interested than I now am, then we can organize things with Allison to have them sent directly.
Gentlemen, I have emailed Allison about cancelling my Oxblood Eagle Counties. It's been six months, and my heart's not into them. In the very-real possibility that I am unable to cancel them, feel free to PM me if anyone would be interested in buying them direct, rather than having them sent to me in Canada and then re-shipped. They were ordered in 11EEE.
Good to hear you're doing well in uncertain times. The economy is a little up-and-down in my area too, with oil prices and such. I'm a gentleman of stature and a heavy sweater as well. I don't ever wear an undershirt, and feel better for it. A big factor is properly-fitting shirts. Making sure the neck isn't too tight makes you more comfortable and will definitely reduce sweating. I've also used Dri-Sol for a few years. It's a super-concentrated aluminum anti-perspirant...
Not yet, but apparently it's being worked on.
And a Happy Walnut (calf) Wednesday to you, too:
If even half of these 48EU were 48US, I'd be swimming in loot.
Thank you, sir! Definitely excited for their first outing.
X-Post from the Boots thread: Received my first Meermins today: After a quick (stealthy) try-on, they seem to fit surprisingly well. I went TTS, though this is my first time buying in EU sizes.
Took delivery of of these beauties today: My first Meermins, and my first balmoral boots.
Agree about needing a wingtip, but I'd say in Brown. McAllister if more formal clothing is worn, MacNeil if not.
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