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Thanks, gents.Definitely like the feeling if teh swayd. Thinking MTO Snuff Mora. Thoughts?
My first pair of suede shoes, and one I haven't seen much of (or any of?) around here, the Big Sur. I love the 1-511 Last. It fits my feet the bestest.
MTO MacNeils today. And hopefully last wearing of flannel or tweed for a while.
My wife just gave me an odd look as I laughed at this. Well done.
6''4", 275lbs. My Hobers are 3 1/2", but I have some Canalis that are around 4", and while they may overpower a lesser man, I feel they're still within proportion for me.
Nice 'fit, sir.This is a great example of a tie I would never think of buying seeing it on the website, but realizing how useful it could be when seen in context. This happens with squares for me all the time: seeing one alone on a table or on a website, I don't know how it work and pass on it, but seeing it in use, it looks great.
Mine are quite a bit darker. Might've been lighting.
That bourbon looks killer. All 3 are great. Good job!
Of course you do!(And thanks)
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