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Maybe I'm an indiscriminate barbarian, but I don't feel that raised pinking is grounds for return or remake. I'm certainly not attacking you, Mike, but I would honestly not even have noticed the pinking had it not been mentioned.
I think the fact that an AE rep takes the time to explain the changes to us and field our questions, concerns, and suggestions is pretty damn cool. I haven't bought seconds from AE yet, but this site pretty much guarantees I will. Thanks.
Yeah. Jerk.
Damn rights. Really like that tie, and really dig the stripe pattern on the suit.
Walnut with navy AND bluchers with a suit??!!
I went up a width on my MacNeil from my 1-511 size, which was a mistake. Too big. I'd say the same, and, because of the taper, possibly down half a size in length. YMMV
I feel the last two pictures had enough accessorization to draw the eye away from the gentlemen's midsections.
Fluorescent lights and white shirt make for a washed out pic, but the tie looks right: Dark Red Grossa Stripe
I have long shirts and high pants. I think it's an issue of a lot of up-and-down at my desk combined with a squidgy middle.
I misunderstood. My issue has been my shirt coming out of braced trousers, rather than the braces moving. I thought the loops connected to the brace ends to hold the shirt in place.
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