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I don't know for certain on the 5-Last, but I can go 11.5 D or 11 E on the 1- and 7-Lasts.
The tie isn't quite as shiny as the pic shows, but I would agree, yeah. I have a burnt orange wool neat, and an orange cashmere stripe. I wanted a solid to go with the striped shirt.
A bit dramatically-shadowed, but fairly accurate, colourwise, pic of my Burnt Orange Diamond weave and three-piece tweed suit:
That is fantastic.
+2. I wear my Long Branches with tweed and flannels, but not with suits.
Gentlemen: I just got off the phone with Allison. She told me she is still waiting on information from one person for the Oxblood Eagle River County, and that if she does not hear from him today, that he will be removed from the list. She also said she's placing the Oxblood order today, but that the factory shuts down from Dec 23 - Jan 2, so we'll probably be seeing our boots in mid - late Feb.
I emailed and heard nothing for days, but they got back to me very quickly through the contact form on their site.
Thank you for organizing this. Bravo!
I went up a width. The insole takes up some space.
@halfnhalfnhalf: Samesies!
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