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Isn't it just that Horween isn't producing it anymore?
Both big, and, ultimately defeating, ifs.
I agree about the discontinued, but would rather the Promontory Point or Bayfield. I'm scared of the 2-Last.
You probably don't have 72 pairs.
I realize it's not traditional, but I don't hate side vents on a dinner jacket. My black tuxedo is ventless, but I had my burgundy dinner jacket made with vents.
Thanks!Now you have to tell me what slip beading is.
Cool, thanks Mike! I agree, I really like the colour.They were an eBay purchase, so I don't know if they were a special make up or not. The colour is very similar to my Dark Brown Burnished calf Strands, and as Mike points out above, they have a lighter, transparent edge dressing.I hadn't even considered that, but it very well may be. They are a bit sleeker and have a more pronounced "point" to them than do my other MacNeils. They're a bit snug as well. I'm at work...
Thanks for all the thoughts on Shell, gentlemen. I will certainly take it into consideration. Meanwhile, here are my new MacNeils on their inaugural wearing. I'm really enjoying the light edge treatment... Is this AE's "natural"?
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