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Merlot burnished calf, blind eyelets, v-tread tap sole with midsole to maintain the "boat-anchor"-ness discussed above, brown split reverse welt, and some manner of mystical blending on the sole edge that Allison said would make them all purdy.I also odered trees and polish right from Allison, as I forgot to do it last time.It was four (4) weeks yesterday since my order.
Just received the invoice for my MTO MacNeils! Hoping they get here soon!
Full quote for awesomeness. Nice order!That dublin is beautiful. It looks like a Red Wing or Wolverine boot (but considerably more elegant).Congratulations!
Great tie, NS1! Very versatile, I feel. Might have to be my next one...
Use the back part, the tail, and rub vigorously. It may still leave a dull spot, but it may help lift the stain. Silk on silk seems to do it.
Purple ties are underrated. Well done.
I'm bald. Can I still hang?
I had this vest made by my local tailor, who used to do costumes for plays and such. So far I've only worn it with coloured shirts and suits, as I can't decide if the colour works with a white shirt. Thoughts for black tie? Morning dress? Stroller? (Sorry for the crappy hanger pic)
I moved recently, and got rid of a goodly amount of stuff. Not as drastic as half, mind you, but finally admitted to myself that the things that hadn't been worn in a while probably wouldn't.
I think this was covered a page ago or so. Up until now, clearance prices were used for MTO; not so going forward.
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