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Fairly limited sizing, but Ben Silver has Rockfords on sale for $199.50 online right now.
+100000Especially for those looking for less-common sizes.
That's great to hear. My last MTO was confirmed July 31st, so I could possibly have them within the next couple weeks.What was your last pair? Pics?
Gentlemen with Golden Brown CXL: Just conditioner (AE, Reno), or do you use some sort of polish as well?
That was news to me, as well. The program didn't end, so much as change again. This would mean $510USD for non-shell shoes, assuming the standard $125 MTO fee. But, for the exact shoe you want, in a familiar fit, it might still be the way to go.
This.My guess is they didn't expect the level of specificity, and the subsequent returns, they received on the orders. The offer probably did not intend to honour clearance prices as with the Eagle County and such.
Merlot McAllisters:
Nice one. I find the Diamond Weaves really hit the sweet spot between too-shiny-satin and a matte reppe or textured grenadine.
Ha! Up here in Alberta, too.I went to a wedding last summer, and was the only guest in a jacket.
I'd agree with that. SF members probably pay retail the least frequently of any customer group. I would bet this had some bearing on the withdrawl of the SFMTO program.
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