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I was just informed by Allison that my Oxblood Eagle Rivers did not pass inspection and are back in production. Sigh.
I went Forest Green Grossa for St. Patrick's Day:
Similar to these beauties from C&J (pic not mine):
I thought I was quite clear that I didn't want pictures posted. Haha... Fantastic boots, good sir. I look forward to mine even more.
Agree with all above. The curved cutaway should remain with SB.
I would agree with this. Definitely the most generous of my 1-Lasted shoes/boots.
That doesn't sound very special to me.
Nice! I have that grenadine, and it's quickly become one of my favourite ties.
Nice. Thanks. Any idea what "special attention" means? Are you just that big a deal?
Anyone hear anything on the Oxblood Eagle County Rivers?
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