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My worst hit on a Hober order into Canada was $55 on two ties, using DHL. They're crazy fast, but the mist likely to ding you.
Those look fanastic!
Hober striped Grenadine: (Same as Pinkpanther's from recently, but with the British Stripe Direction)
Ha. Here not so much. Just below freezing and had a dump of 3-4 inches of snow and sleet here, so Long Branches for me.
Moar, please.
I'd like to hear this too. I generally hate that sort of thing, but I'm seriously considering asking for reduced pricing on my (hopefully) second time's a charm Oxbloods.
Excellent all around.
Definitely. Are those Oxblood Eagles?Also about the trou. Look great. Tweed?
I'd say go black into evening, if it's an all-nighter. Otherwise, Oxblood will look great.
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