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How does one go about getting a GMTO started? As mentioned earlier, I would really like a black on black calf and suede punch cap bal boot. Would there be enough interest to get a GMTO going?
I believe so, yes. I know Meermin did one and Skoak did one with Carmina, but I can't find them now.
Thanks. I posted in that thread, too.
Gents: I've posted in a couple spots, looking for a pair of these beauties: Is MTO the only way to go? Would there be enough interest for a group order?
Any takers on a MTO on this guy: I've looked at Meermin, Carmina, and Skoak, but they don't seem to be available anywhere anymore.
Excuse the months-old bump, but I desperately want a pair of these. I have looked at Meermin, Skoak, and Carmina, but they don't seem to be available anywhere.Any help?
Weird. The pics on the site and on Shoebank show the lighter welt. I like it.
That's my Long Branch... It's actually the Brown Waxy Leather, not the Dark Brown Grain.
I just don't get chukkas. They seem like the love child of like 3 different shoes or boots.
Truth. That creasing is no thang.
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