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I can't find the survey after a bit of wine, but I will throw my hat in for oxblood, if possible. Black flat welt and edging, v-tread tap sole preferred but not mandatory, black exposed eyelets, and definitely down with 4 speedhooks.
Oxblood specs, please.
Oxblood specs, please.
Does JAB ever ship sale items to Canada? The Boardroom is a decent deal right now, and I like the 7-Last, but "due to low inventory", they aren't shipping internationally.
Those are fantastic! Nice work!
I see what you did there.
Really?! I hate that!
Brown MacNeils with flat welt and light edge: (Also pictured: grey flannels, striped socks, and Gus)
Those are fantastic.
This is correct. They're on the 1-511 Last. Here are my pair in walnut:
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