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Emailed Alloson today for my next MTO. I shamelessly copied one of Bl@ster's Leeds make ups from a few months back: Golden Brown CXL, brass eyelets, chili split reverse welt. The only difference is that I requested the V-Tread sole with an added midsole to simulate a double sole, as I did with my MacNeil MTO. (I'm all the way up in Canada, Bl@ster, so the chances of us crossing paths in the same shoes should be relatively slim. Thanks for the inspiration!)
Brass buckles?
Agree 100%. I'm still trying to nail down my size in the 5-Last, which is of course complicated by the fact that different shoes on the same last can fit differently.
On the 1-511, I'm a dainty 11 1/2 D, so maybe that'll help, too.
Allison confirmed that the Kenilworth is not available for our MTO program. After seeing @bl@ster's Leeds, though, I'm less and less worried about them being too clunky.
No, I'm pretty sure once they hit closeout, they're off the tableEdit: just emailed Allison to confirm.
Closeout style, so can't MTO. Otherwise, I totally agree.
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