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Many thanks, sir. (You in?)
My thoughts exactly. The black could, I feel, be worn with pinstripes as easily as to the opera, whereas the two-tone would be that much more memorable, and, thus, be brought out less often.
Not confused. Sorry. It's true, though, that black is just not as popular.
I believe the one I'd pictured was a stock model, rather than a MTO.
I'm just not sure about the grey suede. I love the look of the black on black; the grey seems like a bit much.
Only one?!
My Long Branches were my first pair of AEs. I agree with what's been mentioned, that they're a touch roomier than other 1-Last shoes. For reference to the question above, here are my Golden Brown CXL Leeds. I would imagine the LBs would be great in this leather:
Did everyone get this when it was out the first time around? Can we find five (5) more interested parties?Anyone?Bueller?
Nice!I'm actually looking for a GMTO with Carmina over in the Skoak thread, but wherever gets us there first, I guess.
Thanks for the info!How many would be into this? This would be my first Carmina boot, so I'm not too familiar with lasts. Something forgiving, preferably. Forest? Punch cap, either leather or Dainite sole, black calf upper and black suede shaft. I'm open to eyelets and speed hooks, leaning toward having speed hooks, for convenience sake. Pretty much this exact boot:So... Takers?
New Posts  All Forums: