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My last DHL Hober order got held by Canada Customs. They phoned me and wouldn't send them out until I gave them a credit card to pay the $54 (!!) in duties. The customs broad even felt the need to tell me, "Those are some expensive neckties, hey?" In all fairness, David had both phoned and emailed to let me know DHL often incurs import taxes, but I crossed my fingers and was happy with how fast they got to me.
Will at A Suitable Wardrobe still had a few colourways when I checked a couple days ago.
Walnut (calf) Wednesday here, too:
Family pic!
Great tie, PP! Love the pattern on that suit, too. The Pattern Silks are so... Diverse. Some of them, like your tie today, are terrific. Some are... An acquired taste, I suppose.
Hey, fellow Canadians: Do you have an online source for shoe trees? Ebay has a ton, but shipping them to Canada is ridiculous. Help.
A little more Macclesfield action, and my only 6-fold:
Size?!I've been looking for a darker brown blucher and coming up dry. These look great.
Inaugural wearing of the Macclesfield 100:
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