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X-Post from the AE MTO Thread: Allen Edmonds First Avenue boot in Oxblood Burnished Calf.
Deleted. Wrong thread.
I agree. They're great.
My first AE MTO, Brown Medallion-less Strands:
Still haven't hopped into shell. Is the Dundee on the 1-Last? I'm a svelt 11.5D on that one. On the First Aves, on the 201, I went 11E, and they are my best-fitting AEs to date.
Diamond Weave for me today, too:
Thanks, gents! I'm very happy it's the darker colour. I had Allison throw in a tube of black polish for these, in case they were too red. @JSO1, they're the same spec as the Oxblood Eagle Rivers from November: Oxblood Calf, Black Exposed Eyelets, 4 Speedhooks, V-Tread Combination sole with Midsole, Flat Black Welt and Black Edge Dressing. The fit is absolutely perfect, now that I've tried them on. A couple more quick iPhone snaps:
Obviously not laced up and all, but my initial impression was that these are the nicest pair of footwear I own. The colour is darker than I expected, very similar to Merlot, and there are no visible flaws whatsoever. I am pretty darn impressed.
Oxblood First Aves came today. Mind blown. Pics to follow.
Trouser rise is a consideration too. I'm 6'3" with an 18 1/2" neck, and order 59" ties due to my high-rise pants.
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