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Ha. Ye Old Style Pilsner. I'm not from Saskatchewan, but I can drink like it.
Last one. I have to work tomorrow. Merlot McAllisters:
More. Of both. Black BB Strands:
More polishing. (More beer, too.) Old-style Lexingtons. They started out Walnut but I've been using Dark Brown polish, both cream and wax:
X-Post from MTO thread. Beers and polishing:
Drowning my Oxblood-less sorrows with beers and polishing... My brown medallion-less Strands:
Update: It turns out my boots got cut while on the production line, so they're making a new pair.
I emailed her back, asking what the flaws were. If similar to yours, I'd take them without hesitation.
I was just informed by Allison that my Oxblood Eagle Rivers did not pass inspection and are back in production. Sigh.
I went Forest Green Grossa for St. Patrick's Day:
New Posts  All Forums: