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Thanks for taking point, @watchidiot! For #1, I'd vote Promontory Point. For #2, probably Townley. Thanks again!
Dark Brown MacNeils:
No, sir, they are both MTO Promontory Points from this very thread. And I agree, horses for courses. But that confirms my point, that the 744 still being available doesn't preclude the appeal of the boot pictured above.
Haha... I know! I have those pics saved, they're so nice. What really kills me is I'm pretty close to the same size... I missed out!BC is just a hop over to Alberta, if you get tired of them...
I find these so much nicer:I just find the 744 so... Round.
That Walnut Shell Promontory Point that was floated a few pages back...
The Reno (Saphir Renovateur) dispersed some of the black pigment on the toe a bit, which is kind of what I was going for, and the brown wax gave them a little bit of a reddish cast. After a bunch of brushing that mostly went away, and the black polish darkened them up a bit.
MTO medallion-less Strands today:
I got these from a fellow SFer on eBay, and I'm pretty sure they're seconds. What made them so was fairly streaky burnishing on the left boot's toe, desulting in clearly defined light streaks among the darker burnishing. Correcting this was my main concern.I hit them with Reno and some heavy brushing. I did some AE Dark Brown Premium Polish on the whole boot, brushed, dark brown Kiwi wax on the whole boot, brushed, and finished with some Black Parade Gloss Kiwi wax polish...
Beg your pardon?!
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