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Agreed. All of the gorgeous Eagle Counties we're seeing is confirmation of this.
Not the greatest pic, but I've been putting a bit of black polish on the toes amd heels of my burgundy McAllisters:
I've noticed the Promontory Point is absent from the AE site, both the regular- amd clearance-priced sections. I take it this means it's unavailable for MTO? I truly think this boot is the most glaring example of the website's photographic shortcomings. Everyone's MTOs look great.
I don't feel it's unreasonable for Mr Grangaard to restrict the offerings to current models for efficiency's sake. That said, perhaps a minimum-run MTO could be done on select models, as with the G&G or Viberg threads. Thoughts?
I was actually sort of on board, until reading in the description that it's fully lined. That would sort of nullify any cooling effect the seersucker would have, no?
I don't follow what's going on. Are we emailing Mr. Grangaard simply to show him our beautiful MTOs created through the program he initiated? Or are we emailing to protest the rescindment of the MTO Program's use of discontinued models and sale prices?
Haha... I saw that too, and thought "SERIOUSLY?!"
Thanks!Specs added to post.
Excellent idea, sir! My MTOs so far: Burnished Brown Calf Strand, V-Tread Combo sole, no medallion Merlot Calf MacNeil, V-Tread Combo Sole with midsole added, brown edge dressing (Edit: Specs added)
Strand MTOs today:
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