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X-Post from the AE MTO thread, my Brown Medallion-less Strands. You can see that the Dark Brown Burnished isn't too dark at all. Any light gives them a great depth.
And depends what shoes they are. I'd help you take that loss for the right 11.5 D...
Gave the First Aves some TLC tonight. My first time using Lexol, and then some AE Black Premium polish, with emphasis on the toe and heel.
X-Post from the AE MTO Thread: Allen Edmonds First Avenue boot in Oxblood Burnished Calf.
Deleted. Wrong thread.
I agree. They're great.
My first AE MTO, Brown Medallion-less Strands:
Still haven't hopped into shell. Is the Dundee on the 1-Last? I'm a svelt 11.5D on that one. On the First Aves, on the 201, I went 11E, and they are my best-fitting AEs to date.
Diamond Weave for me today, too:
Thanks, gents! I'm very happy it's the darker colour. I had Allison throw in a tube of black polish for these, in case they were too red. @JSO1, they're the same spec as the Oxblood Eagle Rivers from November: Oxblood Calf, Black Exposed Eyelets, 4 Speedhooks, V-Tread Combination sole with Midsole, Flat Black Welt and Black Edge Dressing. The fit is absolutely perfect, now that I've tried them on. A couple more quick iPhone snaps:
New Posts  All Forums: