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I feel the last two pictures had enough accessorization to draw the eye away from the gentlemen's midsections.
Fluorescent lights and white shirt make for a washed out pic, but the tie looks right: Dark Red Grossa Stripe
I have long shirts and high pants. I think it's an issue of a lot of up-and-down at my desk combined with a squidgy middle.
I misunderstood. My issue has been my shirt coming out of braced trousers, rather than the braces moving. I thought the loops connected to the brace ends to hold the shirt in place.
That sounds great, but what really caught my eye is the loops for the braces to hold the shirt in. Great thinking. That's been my only issue since I've switched from belted trou, and it seems like a great solution.
New Hobers arrived today, exactly 2 weeks from ordering:
Those look great! I'm wearing a very similar suit, but Walnut Wednesday McAllisters: (Edit: Better pic, though still not as nice as yours)
I've had similar experiences. The top part near the price was wrong, as was the label on the box, but the correct details were listed on the invoice toward the bottom. As won says above, though, you can certainly have Allison confirm.
For reals? Size?
Wise fianceƩ. I recall being a groomsmen and having the mother of the groom telling me how bad it looked that I had put the flower through my lapel hole. "There's nothing worse than a floppy flower," she intimated. "Cancer. Cancer is worse than a floppy flower," my far-too-hungover self replied. My fellow groomsmen chortled and agreed. I ended up wearing a pinned flower (arrangement) anyway. Not sure if or what the moral is there. Good times anyhow. Cheers.
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