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Excellent idea, sir! My MTOs so far: Burnished Brown Calf Strand, V-Tread Combo sole, no medallion Merlot Calf MacNeil, V-Tread Combo Sole with midsole added, brown edge dressing (Edit: Specs added)
Strand MTOs today:
Better pic of my MTO MacNeils, after some Reno and AE Merlot polish:
MTO MacNeils showed up at the office today! iPhone pics do not do them justice: The last pic shows the V-Tread Tap Sole with mid-sole. These things are tanks!
The Knottery was just doing a pre-order for grenadines. Theirs are all 3".
Thanks for that!I just got a pair of Burgundy McAllisters, and have a pair of Merlot MacNeils en route. Hearing about the more-purple-ish hue is music to my ears!
I didn't think they were exactly alike, but agree that they're fairly similar. I realize it's not a real-life representation, but I've tried comparing them on the custom shoe creator on the AE site, and Merlot seems slightly darker and less shiny.
Did that question get answered? I'm also curious as to the difference between Burgundy Calf and Merlot Burnished Calf. Is it like Walnut and Bourbon?
I see what you did there.
I just read the Wikipedia article on Allen Edmonds. Is it too much to ask @MoneyWellSpent to rewrite it?
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