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Brown Black-Warp Cashmere today:
I am also 6'4", as Mr Fox above, and my neck is 18.5". I wear my suits with braces, high-waisted and pleated, though. I have them made wider at the knotting point. I get my grenadines as 4-folds and my prints as 3- or 6-folds. I order them 59" long. To me, the knot and the trou height are the deciding factors.
We get there eventually.
When vehicles rub together, causing damage to one or both.
Had my first instance of rubbing vehicles together on the lot in over four years. At least one pair of AE, probably more.
I lost a heel on my Bayfields on the cobblestones leaving the Royal Military Tatoo in Edinburgh last year. Tread carefully!
Prints obviously behave differently than grenadines, but I've always found the shape of the tie and the width at the knot point affect the knot more so than the folds. This is a 3-fold: whereas this is a 6-fold: Their knots are fairly similar. I ask to have them made with less taper, so they're wider higher up.
Honestly, no idea. I've never owned any Carmina before. The last time they did it was on the Forest Last, which they say is "average width".
The calf and suede boot?I have the site set to $CAD, and the other bal boots are $496CAD, so my bet would be around there, if we can get 6 together, thus waiving the MTO fee.
Good combo. Love the shirt!
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