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The Meermin MTO is almost full... Any more takers?
Almost there... Anyone else?
Alberta for me, so no HST, just 5% GST. Customs is so hit or miss, so I'm rolling the dice.
No. I never think that far ahead.
So... Black calf and suede balmoral boots, anyone?
€220, incl VAT. They ended up being about $320 CAD, shipped.
Good day, all. For those interested, Meermin is currently funding a MTO for black calf/suede bal boots. Very good value, in my opinion.
Meermin emailed me this morning to let me know the black calf/suede bal boots I'd requested are up in the MTO page! I ordered immediately, and would appreciate if some of you fine fellows (or even the not-so-fine ones) would as well.
Someone here just score the black shell Park Aves off eBay?
The diamond-end bowtie looks fantastic. Pics once it's out and about, please!
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