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I would love to offer you advice... Depending on the size of the Strands.
Exposed brass eyelets for everyone!
I'm just gonna leave this here:
Looks great, man! Congrats!
Great tie, PP. I feel that shade is dark enought to be formal and go with a lot of things, but just different enought to provide contrast with a navy jacket.
I'm wearing my apparently-odd-duck MacNeils to work today. We had discussed them a little while back, a d there was speculation they may be on the 5-65 last, which they are not: 7-last, as per normal. But they have the light coloured edging and, I just noticed, a flat welt: Were these a MTO-gone-wrong? My first thought was that they were a collaboration with a vendor, but they have standard AE badging. Curious musings on a quiet Saturday.
Thanks. Great colour.
Natural CXL?Gorgeous.
Isn't it just that Horween isn't producing it anymore?
Both big, and, ultimately defeating, ifs.
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