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Thanks for this!
One more question: What the heck is the difference between the Delray and the Lasalle? Edit: Did a search. Found a thread on this very topic.
It's not English. It's not Irish. It's just... Pikey.
Ha. Since I started wearing braces... Ahem. Suspenders, my pants have been up there a ways for sure. The middle pic above doesn't look very high to me. The other two look high in context, but with a jacket are almost unnoticeable. I would say I'm somewhere between pics 2 and 3.
Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, sir.
My thanks for the input, gentlemen. Now the inevitable sizing question: How would one size the 8-Last in comparison to the 5- and 1-Lasts?
Thanks!Does the insole affect the sizing, as with the Brooks models?
Quick q: Any love for the LaSalle?
I wore my HDLPed Long Branches all winter, too:
I feel your pain. Bayfields for me today:
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