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I realize it's not traditional, but I don't hate side vents on a dinner jacket. My black tuxedo is ventless, but I had my burgundy dinner jacket made with vents.
Thanks!Now you have to tell me what slip beading is.
Cool, thanks Mike! I agree, I really like the colour.They were an eBay purchase, so I don't know if they were a special make up or not. The colour is very similar to my Dark Brown Burnished calf Strands, and as Mike points out above, they have a lighter, transparent edge dressing.I hadn't even considered that, but it very well may be. They are a bit sleeker and have a more pronounced "point" to them than do my other MacNeils. They're a bit snug as well. I'm at work...
Thanks for all the thoughts on Shell, gentlemen. I will certainly take it into consideration. Meanwhile, here are my new MacNeils on their inaugural wearing. I'm really enjoying the light edge treatment... Is this AE's "natural"?
Thanks, gents!I figured someone would mention Shell. I don't feel like I'm quite there yet. I'm thinking a plain-toe blucher is next up. I've really been liking the chunky double sole of my MacNeils, so a Leeds MTO in Bourbon, a la Bl@ster, might be in order.
Sunny day, so I wanted to do a family pic: Back row, L to R: Burnished Brown MacNeil, Merlot MacNeil (MTO), Walnut McAllister, Brown CXL Bayfield, Brown Waxy Leather Long Branch Front Row, L to R: Merlot McAllister, Suede Big Sur, Walnut Lexington, Black Brooks Brothers Strand, Burnished Brown Strand (no toe medallion, MTO)
These are 11D. I saw him auctioning another pair almost identical to these a couple days later, but didn't see what they went for.
A big shout out to the Hitch-n-Post eBay seller. I found these MacNeils for sale, he accepted my (modest) offer, and didn't charge me shipping to Canada. They were listed as used, but as you can see, they have barely been tried on:
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