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Just scored a new pair of short wing bluchers off eBay in the Rui last. Pics when they show up! I have a pair of bal boots in Hiro that are 10.5UK and fit great, and took a gamble that 10UK bluchers in Rui should fit similarly. Thoughts?
I sent them to Luxeswap for sale, and they were featured on PTO. Kind of a big deal.
Everybody pay particularly close attention to the "Brown Allen Edmonds Longwings, 11" featured on today's Put This On eBay Roundup!
Somebody ask him about doing a non-Road Warrior Wingtip Blucher. Please.
Black BB Strands in the wild:
Is the "foam comfort wrapped insole" in the stock Heritage golf show the same as the insole of the Brooks Brothers shoes?
I did, but wasn't going to say anything if nobody likes them...This is the only pic I currently have in my phone. Kind of a weird angle, but gives you a good idea, anyway:
Something a little different than the last few posted... Got dragged camping, so wearing my Chippewa Service Boots:
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