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I got these from a fellow SFer on eBay, and I'm pretty sure they're seconds. What made them so was fairly streaky burnishing on the left boot's toe, desulting in clearly defined light streaks among the darker burnishing. Correcting this was my main concern.I hit them with Reno and some heavy brushing. I did some AE Dark Brown Premium Polish on the whole boot, brushed, dark brown Kiwi wax on the whole boot, brushed, and finished with some Black Parade Gloss Kiwi wax polish...
Beg your pardon?!
Great seller! Super fast shipping!
My new Bourbon Daltons, after a little prep work: I know the Dalton is on the 1-511 Last, but what indicates that here?
The second last picture shows pants. Are you selling them separately?
I used Saphir Renovateur on my Waxy Brown Long Branches. It initially darkened them a bit, but they soaked it up and went back to pretty close to their original colour.I used Obeneuf's HDLP on them last winter; it darkened them quite a bit more, but rendered them nigh unto invincible.
IMHO, the Promontory Point is one of the most glaring examples of AE's tendency to underwhelm with their website photography. The website pics did not accurately represent the shape of the toe at all, and the pics of the various MTOs are pretty spectacular.
I agree with this.I just received a pair of Bourbon Daltons (from our very own Freedbird) and they're my first set of all-eyelet boots. I guess I'll see how I like them.
Are you gents sizing the 8-Last the same as the 5?
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