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X-Post from AE thread, my Oxblood First Aves:
Correct, and yes, I love them!
First outing of my Oxblood First Aves on a rainy Thursday: I've given them zero break in, and they fit perfectly. I think this is my ideal AE last.
Merlot mid-week..?
I didn't even notice he shipped DHL until I got a tracking email. Canada is the worst for stuff like that. $47. But I guess that's only like ten bucks US.
I received my short wing brogues from Goodyearshoes on eBay today. They were marked shipped on Friday, physically left Spain Monday, and showed up in Alberta, Canada today. Insane! Pics to come...
Just scored a new pair of short wing bluchers off eBay in the Rui last. Pics when they show up! I have a pair of bal boots in Hiro that are 10.5UK and fit great, and took a gamble that 10UK bluchers in Rui should fit similarly. Thoughts?
I sent them to Luxeswap for sale, and they were featured on PTO. Kind of a big deal.
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