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Is there somewhere to see available leathers? The website only shows the 8, none of which jump out at me.
Oh, and crazy cheap booze.
Canadian here, headed to the US for a week. Country fried steak, biscuits, and sausage gravy are what I look forward to the most.
Lastly, this is what a drunken Canadian with minimal shoe experience recommends. I wear Swims overshoes in the snow to minimize any damage past regular use, and do my best on upkeep. Your mileage, as always, may vary.
Also, you'll want to apply minimal polish at flex points, as that's where it's most likely to flake or pop off. Focus on conditioner and cream at those spots.
The Premium Polish is cream based, so, after buffing, gives some shine, but not much in the way of "coating". I always add wax on the toes, and notice that, after a rain, I have spots on the vamp where there's no wax, but not on the toe where there is. The key is learning to apply it lightly. I went through a lot to begin with; it's easier to pile it on and brush than it is to spread out a smaller amount. A couple coats of cream all over followed by a couple coats of wax...
Suede Big Surs on a sunny Friday:
Old-style Lexingtons today:
Cut a fabric bandaid to the correct width and stick it under there.
I'm 11.5US TTS, and 11E or EE on the 5-Last, and I fit a 10.5UK Hiro balmoral boot fine, so I think you should be good.
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