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First outing with my new Bourbon Daltons:
I'm kind of on the same page. Love the Townley makeup, but not sure if I'm at level: Shell yet. I will certainly watch the thread and see what comes out of it.
Thanks for taking point, @watchidiot! For #1, I'd vote Promontory Point. For #2, probably Townley. Thanks again!
Dark Brown MacNeils:
No, sir, they are both MTO Promontory Points from this very thread. And I agree, horses for courses. But that confirms my point, that the 744 still being available doesn't preclude the appeal of the boot pictured above.
Haha... I know! I have those pics saved, they're so nice. What really kills me is I'm pretty close to the same size... I missed out!BC is just a hop over to Alberta, if you get tired of them...
I find these so much nicer:I just find the 744 so... Round.
That Walnut Shell Promontory Point that was floated a few pages back...
The Reno (Saphir Renovateur) dispersed some of the black pigment on the toe a bit, which is kind of what I was going for, and the brown wax gave them a little bit of a reddish cast. After a bunch of brushing that mostly went away, and the black polish darkened them up a bit.
MTO medallion-less Strands today:
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