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I actually received an email from Allison this morning answering this very question. She indicated that we can still make one-off MTOs, with all the previous options available, and that a MTO fee would apply. Sale prices, as with the RDA Sale, would apply as well.
Oh, I absolutely believe you, I just find it funny I had never heard these words out loud before.
Great video!Something I just realized is that I don't ever discuss this stuff in any detail with anyone in person, just online. It was interesting hearing it pronounced (correctly, I assume) as "COR-dah-van", rather than "cor-DOH-van", as I say it (incorrectly, I assume), and "BLOO-ker", rather than "BLOO-cher".Dumb, but neat.
I was feeling more of a taller boot. I've been Googling around to find something, and it looks like C&J and EG make what I'm looking for, but getting and trying an AE in Canada is a lot easier.I agree that it's a pure dress boot. I'm thinking for evening and formal events, just shy of black tie. Heck, maybe black tie, too. Despite being a blucher, I thought the Eagle County was svelte enough to fit the bill.
Thanks... To both!
My last MTO before the gate closed, Golden Brown CXL Leeds: (I managed to sneak them into the house while the wife was walking the dogs. Once they're in the closet and the box is put away in the attic, I'm usually in the clear.)
Good day, gentlemen. Floating an idea for another time, in the event this becomes a regular thing: Would anyone be interested in a two-tone Eagle County with a black calf upper and a black suede shaft? Thoughts? Alternatives?
Is there some kind of rule about the band having nicer shoes than the groom?
Ha.Sorry. Carry on.
I just got word from Allison that my Golden Brown CXL Leeds MTO are shipping out today. Pretty excited!
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