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I hear ya. At least I can sneak ties into the house. Shoes are much trickier.
MTO Leeds today:
The Leeds 2.0 is on the Shoebank, but not the regular site. The description is (almost?) identical, but I did notice mention of a Poron insole in the write-up. The bullet points above read "Double oak leather sole", but the write-up below says "Double butyl outsole". Are they the same thing? What makes it a 2.0?
I received my new invoice today. I will be receiving a pair of Oxblood First Aves in place of Eagle County Rivers. Excited all over again.
I was browsing the Hober site gallery yesterday. I'm featured nine (9) times throughout the different categories, which got me wondering what percentage of the pictures are of @pinkpanther.
Very helpful. Thanks!
I received this offer tonight.How does the First Ave size compared to anything else?I'm pretty torn.
A bit of Googling uncovered that the Geary was on the 2-222 Last, so very similar to the Players, I suppose.
The black calf/suede bal boot was quoted as delivering in April, and I received it (to Canada) late April or early May, so pretty close, I'd say.
I think a good chunk of it was FedEx, and GST (no PST in Alberta yet...).
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