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Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit +1 +2, and I don't even see it being a contest.
Koto Workshirt is at $35 with shipping. Is it worth it?
Is this still there?
What's still available?
Is the belt still available?
What's left?
What shirt is Zach wearing? Looks a little transparent, but I can't see his nipples so maybe the shirt is made that way.
Who the fuck doesn't want to look like an old man? Give me those wool cardigans, knee high cashmere socks, and pants up to your nipples (mainly because your nipples are sagging).
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I like my grey Church's loafers so much I ordered the red/burgundy pair from NYC store
Quote: Originally Posted by jsqfunk thanks my next question... should I buy $700 boots over the internet? Which boots?
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