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I placed my suit order on Nov. 11 and still have not received anything. When I called Customer Service, I too was told it was shipping from a European warehouse. But even six days after contacting Customer Service, I still do not even have a tracking number...not good.
Which to button...number four...number six...number eleven..I just can't decide...
I would be interested in at least five. Scott
Sorry...thought you said WITH pebble grain. I see now you were looking for a pair w/o pebble grain.
How about C&J Exmoor...
I am having an issue with several pairs of my shoes (C&J in particular). When walking, there is a whooshing noise that comes from the shoes as if air is being forced out of the shoe on each step. Does this come from heel movement? My heels do not lift or rub, but there does seem to be some slight movement. I tried on this size and a size smaller in the shop, but this seemed to work better. Any clues what causes this and how it can be rectified? Thanks
I bought these on here but they are too small for me so I am relisting them. I am disappointed as they are beautiful...I guess I should believe it when I read that Incotex run small. These are new / unhemmed but the tags have been cut out. Please note that the actual waist measurement is 38" and they run quite narrow through the thighs (at least for trousers with a 38" waist). I am asking $70 each or $130 for both pairs shipped CONUS. Light blue 100% cotton. Light...
Recieved my ties today...great seller. Smooth transaction and excellent product.
I would like to purchase the following: 2 x 19 2 x 26 2 x 28 2 x 31 2 x 32 2 x 48 PM and PP sent. Scott
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