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Damn! It would appear I was too late on seeing this. Would have been great for the wardrobe.
Quote: Originally Posted by robasaurus More crappy iPhone photos. I think this trend may continue for a while. Sorry gents. Home from work... As others have said, this looks great. The clothes are a good fit on you and give good line to your body. Any chance you could share who makes the jacket?
Thank you for the advice. For that amount of money, I think you are correct.
Hello, I've followed this thread as a reader for a long while and am very grateful for your breadth of knowledge regarding lens quality, types of hinge construction, and brand differences (or lack thereof, as often seems the case). I have settled upon Lindberg frames for my next pair of glasses but do not have any licensed dealers in my area. Before I make a long road trip, I thought I would draw on the collective knowledge of the forums and ask if there were any online...
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