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Quote: Originally Posted by crooky13 was just wondering what the prices of rubinacci and a&s were? also is the rubinacci house style still as different to the a&s or has the mount street shop adopted a more english cut now? thanks! I only have one Rubinacci SB jacket and that is a very different look to A&S though both houses subscribe somewhat to drape. Rubinacci is more fitted and perhaps I can used the word stylized. I do not think they...
When I started to have suits made I got three Emporio Armani MTM. Their quality was not good. I then went to Zegna in Bond Street. Antonio Sanna was responsible for their MTM service. It was a much higher level of service and the quality was superior to Emporio Armani. I had a few Linen suits made and a number of Sartoria suits in Trofeo. They were good, light comfortable. Then I tried 15mil. It was a beautiful cloth but the jacket did not drape as well as the trofeo ones....
I did try a tailor called Golden Tailor. The year was 2000 I think. It was not good. Not only was the cut bad. I ordered a super 120 pure wool cloth. The end results was a cloth that said super 150 but it was a blend of wool and polyester. It basically was a scam. They served lot of drinks though.
I am a customer of A&S and must say that I find them to be willing to listen to my opinion. One needs to ask and have an opinion. They might not ask you what kind of this and what kind of that but over the years I have learned that if I know what I want and say so I get a better suit.
I was in Boston in June and it was closed.
I do not know anything about ISAIA. I have from time to time used Zegna MTM service. I have been very happy with the coture line which is well made. Zegna fabrics are usually very good. This spring I had one Zegna Milano line linen suit made. It is well made more details than the Sartoria line and a little less than the coture line. I like it it was value for money for me. My only concern is that the styling is a bit to much for me the breast pocket is a bit strange...
I like to say that Marks and Spencer cashmere sweaters are good value as some of their other products. I also find Cordings corduroy trousers to be great for the price.
I am of the opinion that bespoke is a great investment. And so far my return on my investment has been considerable. My gain has not been money but pleasure. As with computers, stereo or most of the things that I buy because I want it as oppose to "need it I do not expect to sell my used clothes. I will not sell my 12 month old cell phone either. I will dispose of it and buy a new one. What one needs or wants are individual decisions. I just agree with Sator that for...
I did buy it from Amazon (perfume emporium I think) and saved almost a $100 per bottle.
I have used the Swims for the past three years and I am very happy with them. Yes they do not look great but my shoes look good in my office and the salt on the street does not damage them.
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