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The first blowjob a girl gives is bespoke. The rest are merely MTM.
Not sure I would agree with that at all. In fact, privileged WASPs pride themselves on ostentatious, tongue-in-cheek displays (see below).I have only one pair of alligator shoes that I wear sparingly in spring/summer. However, as a younger guy, I'd never wear them to a work-related function or any situation in which ostentation is less-than-acceptable (i.e. anywhere I need to stay sober).
I have a high propensity to gain and lose weight (I've seen 5lb+ swings in 24-48 hours). It's for this reason that I haven't spent a ton of time and energy pursuing "high grade" bespoke. There's no chance of ever seeing "the perfect fit" for anyone, but the idea is even more futile in my case. Accordingly, I buy custom stuff to more suit my aesthetic tastes than my physical ambitions. At a certain point I had to realize I'd go mad (and broke) if I was constantly chasing...
Thanks for the kind words. Even if they aren't necessarily directed towards me, this is a thread about taste, so I'll take the points.In the event she turns out to be my sister, I'm going to need recommendations on a good tailor in Alabama.
The color of the tie looks a bit too saturated here. It's deeper IRL so it stood out more against the pants, which are a true sand color. I was quite pleased with how it looked (which is why I posted it), but I also realize that it goes against the grain somewhat.
Not the usual whnay. format, but... Fresco/end-on-end/wool-silk-linen/cotton-linen/crocodile And before anyone can comment on the "neat tie with a SC," know that it is wool/silk/linen, so it usually looks off when worn with a CBD suit.
We just discussed the details of the fit and design as well as the availability of the cut. Greg is one of the few retailers that will be carrying the Lorenzo this season, and (as I understand it) the only retailer with more than a one-off stock. So while NMWA will have a lot of eye candy, you need to pounce if you like the silhouette and detailing. Ain't much mo' out there.
After speaking with Antonio, I'm pretty excited to see what fabrics are offered in the Lorenzo cut. Any idea when the Eidos will drop, Greg?
Yo, Antonio, any progress on retail outlets in Atlanta? Will Bloomingdales be carrying it nationally? Any plans to have stock with Saks or Neimans? Excited to see what Greg has on offer, but really feeling like I need to try some stuff on in person before I can pull the trigger. Specifically the Lorenzo cut. Cheers!
Please don't rag on Antonio O'Connell-Suzuki.
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