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Have you checked T.J.Marx?
Foo, while I'm sure you've done your due diligence, what are the laws on bringing those frames into the US? The shells themselves are grandfathered (and Maison Bonnet has a unique blessing from the French government), but I was under the impression that the CITES-driven laws forbid the importation of anything made from Hawksbill after 1973?
William Holden, 1954 (shot by Mark Shaw). You're really not good at this...
Just when I was thinking SF was my only one true respite from UGA...
Not quite as dramatic as a Nehru collar, and certainly more Anglo-fied, but Sid Mashburn has some band collar shirts on offer this season. Both in standard button-front and popover.
Intriguing. Given the lack of welting I'd assume they all wear very light (par for the Italian course). May have to try a pair of drivers or suede loafers come Spring.
George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Chipp?Meh, Vineyard Vines, RL and some other smaller houses make a lot of whimsical ties that look the part. But you're right, I can spot a Hermes or Ferragmo from a mile away -- the key is to look for a flimsy tie with a terrible knot.
IME a lot of it stems from the "fuck you" mentality of bankers. Guys who have come up in prep schools (or equally as "preppy" of communities) and want a way of wearing a tie that is a subtle FU. The fact that Ferragamo and Hermes are at the forefront of whimsical designs only furthers my theory (see: "Lehman Handshake").
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