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Decisions were made at a middle management level. I apologize for any inconvenience.
As I understand it they have recently agreed to exclusive manufacturing with their factory, given their two new locations and a third on the horizon (their factory used to split contracts and make for other private label brands). Sid also has a very, very specific look that he is after, meaning that if you produce for him, you cut to his design and specs without exception (this is true for their original Caruso contract, their existing house makes and even their Sartorio...
I actually prefer the Bloomingdale's configuration (barchetta plus open patches). The cloth is pretty great though (at least it looks good). It would be dope if the tooth was a bit larger scale (a la Antonio's custom number for a #StyFoDude), but I think it would be a pretty versatile jacket.
Ah, my mistake. The jacket frankly fits the model like shit, though knowing Bloomingdales that's clearly them having no idea how to style anything. It does look a bit less trim than some of the other cuts, which I am a fan of. I suppose I may have to just pull the trigger and see how it fits. You'd think if it was a proprietary fit/exclusive they'd put a bit more effort in, but then again...
Hiya Antonio, This looks to be a Tipo, correct? http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-houndstooth-regular-fit-sport-coat?ID=1450923&CategoryID=3864&LinkType=&brandIndex=1#fn=spp%3D12%26ppp%3D180%26sp%3D1%26rid%3D%26spc%3D36%26cm_kws%3DEidos%20%26pn%3D1 Also, any insight into the cloth? Heavy? Light? Still waiting for you guys to get some traction in Atlanta. Hopefully will be able to try some stuff on in person soon.
I know my Fresco is bemberg, though unsure what the difference might be with Ermazine. At any rate I asked for whatever was lightest/breathed the best.
I don't want to speak definitively, but they certainly weren't into the idea of me doing anything other than fully-lined on a jacket that is expressly meant to be worn in hot weather. And I've heard similar things from other people who have asked in the past. That said, I have a suit in Minnis Fresco (not from Steed) that is fully-lined and the lining is incredibly thin. The jacket breaths just as well as any of my unlined/buggy-lined jackets. Matthew assured me they...
+1 Steed won't do anything less than fully lined on anything, regardless of cloth. The same argument for sweating/staining was presented to me.
Perhaps a dig at me?
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