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The dude 12 posts above who wears black everyday begs to differ. He's the one pissing in his own mouth.
So it appears I have been blowing this thread up as of late. However, I do have one more question. Does anyone have a recommendation on a solid navy cashmere (or cashmere blend) scarf with no fringe? Looking to spend under $150 if possible. TIA.
Looks like we have our first look at Lobb x Gerbase: As expected doesn't look at all out-of-place with Lobb's more classic offerings, but I'll withhold judgment until after the full collection is released. More info here. Edit: Just realized this was the same article Derek linked to earlier, but will leave the picture as I think it gives the conversation more context.
Not a fan of Corthay, but that popped in my head.I have to admit MMM/Raf/Yang Li is out of my depth. However, to your original point, Paula's designs are much more in that spirit. I still wonder what a bunch of traditional English shoemakers will think of that and where corporate (Hermes) will side/hash-out. Just seems like there will have to be a real understanding from the out-set.
Haha, thought that might strike a chord.I think Charlie is great and am honestly a lot closer to identifying with him than I am an Italian big tymer. But his style (seems to me) like it's a lot more "I've seen and done it all, I'm done," than "This is what makes me look the best."
I'm inclined to agree with your first sentence. I've never met the man but people seem to think of him as a living relic (and he's inclined to agree with those people). As Derek said above, he's notoriously cranky and set in his ways. I think in today's flavor-of-the-month circles people enjoy his unimpeachable takes.He certainly doesn't embody the romance or technicality of an aging European playboy, but I also don't think he's ever aspired to be such.
He's the proprietor of the Andover Shop and the creator of more awesome quotes than one can count.I will say, however, his "style" is more about his myth than his actual execution. The whole "Fuck you, I've been doing this since before you were born" type of vibe. The quintessential "haberdasher style" (which I think of as inherently contrarian and devised of odds and ends) is often lost on me.
I want to believe this will be the case, but since she is the first "artistic director" of an admittedly conservative firm, it makes me wonder how the vision of someone who has (minimal) shoe design experience will mesh with the expectations of the guy who thought they needed a fresh direction. I'll be the first to admit the speculation is pointless until there is a product out there, but I have seen too many instances of "We need to do something new!" turn into "How did...
He's equal parts pensive and unshaven.
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