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Oxblood > burgundy.
All that spitting and spanking will invariably lead to new stains.
Tweed in the City was robbed (again)
The trick is to figure out who's driving those cars and avoid them like the fucking plague.
Taub did one for Crompton...http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/07/the-bespoke-leather-jacket-part-1.html
Museum Calf-looking briefcase (vintage A&F).
Brood harder!
Likely best to wear it unbuttoned and popped.
Thanks, guys. Some great leads here. I've been a pretty loyal RRL guy but recently have found Low-Straights are too low rise to tuck in shirts and Straight is too wide at the leg opening to wear anything but boots. Will give LVC's spin.
I've always felt the 522s were quite slim through the leg and seat. Certainly a higher rise, but I don't think "loose upper... strong taper" really describes them.That said, if you do know of a jean that is looser through the seat and thigh and sports a decent taper without making the wearer look like a carrot I'm all ears. I have a serious case of hockey ass, meaning that I'm usually stuck with straight legs and dinner plate circumference hems.
New Posts  All Forums: