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Bit of both. It's 9oz so it's certainly not cold weather suited, but also not crazy light. I'd describe the weave as similar to airy linen, but with a much smoother hand.
@southernstyle is an SA there now, as well.
Regular summer trips to DC (and now Houston) lend them some credibility.
I'm not too concerned about it. The hand was far from synthetic-feeling and if it wears/makes up well enough to get an endorsement from the tailor, I'm not losing sleep over its manufacturing process.Here's a picture of Matthew's jacket:
Matthew's most recent jacket is the same cloth (but with a red over-check). He said it stands up great to heat and humidity, which is what I am after.I asked about that and they said, per the mill, it's a 100% natural fiber. I won't pretend to know enough about chemistry or the ins-and-outs of material classification to make a definitive argument, but it certainly didn't feel or look synthetic.EDIT: Just dug up a pretty decent one-pager from Patagonia. As best I can tell...
X-post from the A&S Expats thread. Just ordered a SC from Steed in bamboo from the Portofino IV book. Pretty excited to see how it comes out, as the cloth was highly recommended by Matthew.
Portofino IV. Matthew's most recent jacket is of the same cloth, but with a red overcheck.
Met with Matthew and Edwin today. Getting a spring/summer SC made up in this (100% bamboo). Per Matthew it breathes extremely well and wears cool. Excited to see how it turns out.
I went by their measurements. I'm typically somewhere between medium and large but I went with a large, given the shoulder measurements provided. That said I much prefer something to be a bit big than a bit small (particularly with outwear).
Unionmade Archive Sale is back. Not as large as last season's but still some goodies. Grabbed a Mackintosh Waverly for $179.
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