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I read the last few pages of this thread on my phone and not in one sitting so I may too have missed something. But I read the subtext of some of these posts to mean, "because I don't see bespoke suits posted, they must not be doing well" or "the health of a tailor can be traced to its presence in circles that know clothes." As David pointed out with his initial statement, neither assumption is true.
Like Jew"ish"?
This, 1,000 times over.There seems to be some underlying assumption that the majority of people who buy bespoke (particularly, for the sake of this discussion, on SR) are obsessed with clothes to the point that they would join an online forum to discuss them. In reality that number is very small. After you eliminate the large percentage of patrons who buy bespoke because their father did, buy bespoke because they run in a social circle where that is the norm, buy bespoke...
Solid spring stock. Some really good looking stuff. Been looking to make up a sport coat in a puppytooth fabric similar to your brown houndstooth. Wish it was wool instead of cotton -- would have been hard to pass up. Also dig the blackwatch dinner jacket. @NickPollica is doing some great stuff.
NWOB Alfred Sargent for Sid Mashburn tassel loafers 11D -- Low starting price
This sounds like a winner to me.
Sad to hear. I had hoped to get around to trying them out next year. However, consistency is something that I look for. I'm not (as) obsessive about details as most, but really strive to have a consistent product; regardless of whether that means each time is consistently better or, at least, consistently the same.
I have no direct experience with NSM (which, considering where I'm posting, is quite ridiculous). However, is it not possible to ensure that you have the same cutter-tailor team for your commissions? It may throw off scheduling a bit, but I assume it must be possible, especially if you're willing to travel to Italy. Unless the problem stems from turnover, in which case there is little you can do.
This. To my eye it looks like the rise either needs to be extended or the buttoning-point lowered. Since it's a casual suit I don't think it's that big of a deal, but something I noticed right away.
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