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First round of Mr. Porter sale. Not a ton of MC stuff to talk about, but some decent weekend wear to be had. I'm in the market for shoes, sunglasses and a wallet and there's nothing of note in those arenas.
Stitch, I mistook you for Canta for a second. I'm looking forward to seeing some fleece vest/wool trou/bit loafer combos that many here likely wear daily IRL -- AKA the "Private Equity Analyst."
Given the above, I would look into smaller butts...
I had to get expert knot-tying consultation to get over this hump. My sensei really knew his way around a knot. Unfortunately he hasn't returned my calls in a few years...
Speaking of "intangible grinding effort," I'm completely blown away by the resilience of the Blackhawks. They had zero business winning last night (and were pretty consistently out-played the whole series). As a Hawks fan I'm a bit giddy. They are winning games that they shouldn't even have a shot at and that's something that will take you far in the playoffs. Hats off to Crawford who has played his ass off (more or less) the whole post-season and to Quenville for putting...
I hear 5cm cost Corneliani the contract.
We should be really asking @jefferyd about this as he designs(ed?) for Hickey Freeman. I'm intrigued to see what effect this "Made in America" trend has on other products. The first thing that comes to mind are PRL's shoes -- their contract with Allen Edmonds has been long-standing, but it will be interesting to see if they increase their AE offerings. I'll hold judgement on the development until I can see the new product, but I think it's safe to say that PRL won't rock...
Interesting. CR-39 is arguably the best plastic you could choose, so that is somewhat promising. Are you going to be offering these in a retail environment or only as MTO?
Sup, Sheepy.
Where are you sourcing the lenses from? Are they plastic, or glass, or (even better) mineral glass? Polarized? If you can make a more Wayfarer-eque model (think part Wayfarer, part Tart Arnel, part Oliver Peoples Sheldrake) at around 50 mm I'd be interested for sure. And what is your price point?
New Posts  All Forums: