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Wait, did you guys not get your iGent starter kits? Each one comes with 2.5M of Minnis 0520.
Can't tell if serious...
Technically speaking (though there was some debate recently when mentioned it) the first scenario (using the cloth of the jacket as lining) is what is referred to as "buggy lining." Again, that was questioned by multiple people recently, but I'm with as far as my understanding of it (or at least how it has been explained to me). The second instance sounds like quarter or half lined, depending on how far the lining extends to/if you have things like interior pockets.FWIW...
Navy Hopsack "Creamy Waffle" Ring Jacket (38/40)
Those look great. Who is your tailor, if you don't mind me asking?
I love that shipping isn't even included.
It came out very nicely. The swatch actually had a bit of "white noise," as it was put to me, that had me slightly concerned, but the whole jacket resolved nicely. Certainly something I can wear for business and weekends come Atlanta August (which is exactly what I was after).
Basted fitting with Steed. Cloth is Portofino bamboo. Very pleased with how it made up. From this we'll be narrowing the shoulders a bit, sweeping the quarters slightly and extending the lapel.
Beautiful stuff, SG. I hope you're not looking to move anytime soon. The next owners will either receive an itemized costing list of enhancements with a link to this thread, or find gaping holes scattered throughout the house.
Those things are beautiful.
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