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The CHI/STL game was choppy. I think both teams' "injuries" at the end of the season were a direct factor in that. Hopefully 100+ minutes of hockey will shake the dust off. I'm looking forward to a smoother game on Saturday. The Blackhawks looked better than I anticipated. They had a solid 15 minutes of prolonged pressure between the second-half of the first and the first-half of the second. They need to try and sustain that. And they MUST get more pucks to the next -- 42...
Three overtimes' worth of beer last night = no SC or tie today. However, in my absence, I give SeaJen my full endorsement. Very similar to what I would have worn. Digging the hoof-pick and suede Chelseas.
How well do you think this works with 7-folds? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201716582689484
I'm trying it out. But like most experiments, I'll likely realize the old way was better.
That scale explains my life.
Jeans and a sport coat rarely look good together. If you think you're doing it right you're probably not. It's funny to see fuddy-duddy dads and wannabe sprezz-gods defend combinations that are naturally at odds with one another.Welcome to the forum.
Something I read that is germane to this threak: "[Ralph] Lauren received a last-minute invitation from [Cary] Grant to go to the racetrack. ‘I told him I had on jeans and a blazer and he said, ‘You can’t wear that.’’ After a quick trip to the store for some proper flannels, the two took off to the track—in Grant’s Buick." Cary is judging you all.
I may actually do this, depending on Friday's weather (and/or Friday's hangover).
I read the last few pages of this thread on my phone and not in one sitting so I may too have missed something. But I read the subtext of some of these posts to mean, "because I don't see bespoke suits posted, they must not be doing well" or "the health of a tailor can be traced to its presence in circles that know clothes." As David pointed out with his initial statement, neither assumption is true.
Like Jew"ish"?
New Posts  All Forums: