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A lot of times a tailor will ask you to wear something you like or think fits well to the initial consult. And even if they don't, knowing and referencing what you like is what the bespoke experience is all about. A good tailor will likely crank out something perfectly nice even if you're totally mum about what you want. However, as has been mentioned here, their idea of what works well may not be yours. And so any insight you can lend will make for a better result (albeit...
And just like that my point is N/A...That is interesting, though. Always thought they had their own factory. Learn something new everyday.
I always thought Bill's was ripe for collaboration. A brand so hell-bent on maintaining and continuing it's "tradition," collaboration seemed like the easiest and most natural extension into new marketplaces. When you have a company making tremendous pants, why not extend that know-how to hipper brands? Granted, I'm not saying Bill's X CDG, but Bill's could have easily partnered with the younger, "preppier" brands growing up around them. Even though it will likely make...
How does it hold up to regular wear? Considering a navy blazer (gold buttons and all) for my next go-round. I would need a beater-status cloth, though, and I worry the high percentage of mohair will begin to sheen. I am very intrigued by the low wrinkling and airiness, however. Living in Atlanta and hustling through airports all the time leads me to look for something that won't stew me or come out looking like a Kleenex.
Not pictured: Dark grey tropical wool trou, navy socks, peanut butter suede tassels.
Not unlike overzealous teenagers given their first access to Instagram, Italian tailors have no clue how to handle social media. What used to be smoky back room, client/tailor discussions, a la barbershop shit talking, have now bled into the public domain as tailors and their staff make off-handed comments without any concept of who will see. It's also likely they don't care. Italian tailors, particularly Southern Italian tailors, bash one another all the time. If you...
They seem to change makers frequently. Some are Attolini, some are St. Andrews, still others are Belvest. Regardless, if you're into that pattern and it fits, you're saving a few thousand dollars.
New with unfinished sleeves -- Luciano Barbera Sartoriale SC 42L, BIN $165 Smashburn tweed 38R, $325
Wait, did you guys not get your iGent starter kits? Each one comes with 2.5M of Minnis 0520.
Can't tell if serious...
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