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Met with Matthew and Edwin today. Getting a spring/summer SC made up in this (100% bamboo). Per Matthew it breathes extremely well and wears cool. Excited to see how it turns out.
I went by their measurements. I'm typically somewhere between medium and large but I went with a large, given the shoulder measurements provided. That said I much prefer something to be a bit big than a bit small (particularly with outwear).
Unionmade Archive Sale is back. Not as large as last season's but still some goodies. Grabbed a Mackintosh Waverly for $179.
That's it! Andrew! Should have known you'd have the answer. Just did a cursory search and the thread (Neo Nouveau: Luxury Leather Goods by Andrew Diba - Official Affiliate Thread) has indeed been deleted.Thanks a ton, D. You wouldn't happen to know anything about the products would you? I remember the thread having very positive reviews...
I feel like I remember something Canadian too. It's seriously strange to me that a thread was seemingly deleted and a member expunged. I know the guy was a regular poster before he threw up the thread.That said I don't think this is him, unfortunately. His bifolds were in the $350 neighborhood IIRC.
Not the same guy but I appreciate the effort!
That's good to know. But somehow it's not listed in there. Damndest thing. I wonder if he pissed off the mods or something? His stuff was really nice and I subbed because I could never remember the name...
An insanely vague and unhelpful question: There was a member here a year ago or two who started their own leather goods outfit. They were an affiliate for a while but I can't seem to find the company anywhere on SF (or even in my post history). If it helps he had a website where you could customize your wallet preferences/options. He was also making leather bags. Anyone have any ideas? I'm eyeing a wallet project and remember really liking his stuff. Thanks for any help...
I'm 99% sure that B Nelson is who they use, given the details they've provided. Both shoes are already double sole, so I'll likely stay the course. Thanks for the input.
Does anyone have experience with resoling a previously leather-soled shoe with Vibram or Dainite soles? I have a pair of suede loafers and a pair of chukkas that are in need of a resole. However, since I wear both through crappy winter weather, I was hoping to get them resoled with Dainite soles. I do all my shoe repair through Sid Mashburn (who in turn ships them to NYC) and the Smashburn dudes have all said "sure" when I asked, but none of them have any experience in...
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