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I'm seeing a lot of overcompensating with many of these fits. It seems a lot of people think navy jacket plus grey trousers and immediately start thinking of ways to, "not dress like a security guard." Overly patterned shirts, bright ties, too many accessories; all of these things really detract from the overall coherence the navy, grey and brown lend so readily. There are very few people here who have honed their look to the point that "not being boring" should be a...
That is 100% a Range Rover owner's house.
Sad to see HTJ go. The man produced one of the few consistently excellent blogs in the menswear space.
THE proper way to roll up a shirt sleeve.
I like a wider lapel on my jackets but don't often like how wide flaps need to be to compliment them. By going patch, the pocket is always sized in proportion to my body, so it never looks off no matter how wide the lapel. And I rarely wear full suits. That's my justification.
My beef has never been with navy pants directly. I just have never seen a combination that wouldn't look better with another color.
Another vote for patch. I think the fabric is too casual for welted pockets.
Last I checked a true bespoke sport coat was around 1500GBP with fabric (so around $2.5k). NSM is around $2k for a jacket. I will say, if it's over $1,500 for MTM, you may be better served finding a local alternative (depending on what you want/how picky you are).
There is so much blasphemy in here, I frankly don't know where to begin. Troubling times we find ourselves in, troubling times.
In high school I played hockey with a few kids who lost their mouth guard at one point or another. Their solution was to fold over a couple pieces of tape to simulate a mouth guard. Kept the referees from hassling them. So...
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