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+1. Living in the South I all but rely on airy fabrics 10 months out of the year. I've made a (likely to be broken) promise to myself that I will use a wool/linen/silk blend for all of my commissions for the foreseeable future. Since I only ever really wear SCs (no Suits) I think it should be alright, but I do struggle to find colors and patterns that are year-round friendly (read: the visual interest without looking too slubby/summery).
I've had issues with linen knitwear losing its shape in the past, so good to know about the IM blend. May have to investigate further.The only linen knitwear I have right now is a 70/30 linen/cashmere crew neck by Luciano Barbera. The cashmere helps the sweater retain its shape a bit better and also adds a nice softness. While I really dig linen as a blend, I usually stay away from things that are 100% linen, save for airy summer shirts.
Harry's of London (apparently) sells a pair for $15k, so Leffot is more or less giving these away...
Never heard of putting silk on canvas, but I assume it would be pretty easy to convert a tie into a DIY D-Ring belt...
Still live here. +1If I ever had the inclination to have a camel jacket made I'd just get another blue blazer.
42(ish) Bespoke Russel Plaid Jacket by Flusser ($79) Large Vintage Hunter Green Duffel by Abercrombie ($100) Size 10 Desert Boots by Gravati ($1) Large Leather Shearling Coat by Enrico Mandelli ($90)
Brand new, unworn pair of Gucci horsebit loafers in rich brown suede, size 8D US. The horsebit loafer is a Gucci signature and is, in my opinion, the most versatile casual loafer one can own. The dark brown suede adds a nice degree of depth to these, making for a more tasteful and versatile impression than their smooth-calf cousins. The shoes are pretty TTS, I am somewhere between a 8.5 and 9D US, and these are simply too small (hence my selling). The shoes come with box...
They promise Chan, deliver Indochino.
Yeah, there seems to be a lot more XC60s out there in warranty than XC70s. Not sure if that should tell me something or not... Either way, from a bang for your buck perspective, I think Volvo is a better play than MB. Need to start digging into research to see what which car offers the best experience. Regardless of model I would need a 2012 or newer with 40k miles or less.
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