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+1. The fact that it's hopsack also helps your cause.
Nice jacket. Kinda like the lighter blue, though I'm not sure I would opt for that color in Fall/Winter -- strikes me as a decidedly warm weather color. Horses for courses.Out of curiosity, why did you go with a silk lining? I understand the novelty of it (a la Hermes scarves for linings) but silk doesn't hold up as well as cupro and is notoriously iffy for linings. If this is your tenth jacket (and the fabric may be an indication of that) then I get not needing a...
His body language throughout the series was similar. It was almost like he was just happy to be there. And his tone is even weirder when you consider their 2014 playoff campaign was nearly identical to their 2013 playoff campaign -- jumping out to an exciting two-win homestand, only to let the remaining 4 games slip. If I'm a Blues fan I'd be concerned about history repeating itself. And while I don't mean to take any credit away from my Blackhawks, I'd argue that the...
You can't hang yesterday's loss (or Friday's loss) on Miller. While I don't think he played as well as Crawford this series, it's also not like he was Swiss cheese. As far as St. Louis -- something needs to change. To me, this type of collapse is indicative of failure to make adjustments on Hitchcock's part. Ken has been a pretty terrible playoffs coach since Dallas (never made it past the second round). Especially considering he's at the helm of a team that was the first...
Interested to see how the Hawks handle tonight. I have to give them credit for last game. They beat the shit out of St. Louis and the only real lapses resulted in goals -- the signature of this season, it seems. I think if either Sharpie or Hossa can find the net tonight CHI will take the series. If neither do, then it may be too little too late. Either way, if they can keep the intensity of last game's third and OT, they should be able to squeak it out.
Ugh. I can't believe you'd be so insensitive to gnomes. You don't know their struggle. Have you even heard of gnome rape culture? It's real. I took a class on it at Brown, so I think I know what I'm talking about. lol that you guys all come to this thread and project your insecurities by bashing mythical creatures loosely based on dwarfism. So what's next? Hating on little people? You make me sick, you Neanderthal. By the way, you pronounce that with a hard "T," though...
Not creepy. Actually awesome.
Spare the fetishists, the gender-benders, the borderline-disturbed, and the bigoted masses, sure. But I'll never forgive those who use "lol" in a sincere or less-than-mocking manner. Side note -- Are you sticking up for the dude who jerks off while rubbing shell cordovan? Because I really hope you're sticking up for the dude who jerks off while rubbing shell cordovan.
You'll want to make sure that you tack onto the waist and hip measurements a bit. Especially for those of us with shoulders considerably wider than our waists (me), it is a pain in the ass to get a slim-fit popover over your shoulders. If I order more they will all have a slouchier fit and in equally casual/slouchy materials.Long story short: Don't use the same measurements you'd use for a dress shirt.
24 was a good year for me as well. Though it's not that far behind me so some may argue I'm still basking in the afterglow.
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