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Or fly to Naples off the Sky Miles accrued from purchase.
^+1 RE: Pliny's picks. I looked at the Moonbeam but decided to go with something that is more 3-season (for someone living south of the Mason-Dixon). Your first pick is tits for Fall/Winter, however.
I'll agree that less-than-navy is certainly less "severe." However, with a complexion that favors higher contrast (i.e. white as fuck), it helps to have the darker, truer navy at play. Darker colors are also inherently more formal, but I don't think you can use that generalization as evidence that dark odd jackets don't work (see: navy blazers). Piggy-backing off of that, I find it interesting that your mental block stems from color and not material composition. In your...
This bit?It's odd to me that you would see the vertical lines as a defining point and disregard the horizontal lines altogether. Am I safe in assuming then that you only see a Russell plaid when looking at a glen plaid jacket?It's also odd that, if I follow your logic, navy alone is fine and vertical lines alone are fine, but together they look too "suit-y." I'm not sure what SC would ever be advisable with strictly vertical lines, regardless of color or composition. Not...
I think this is the only place to net-out as you haven't really offered any support or insight into why navy windowpane doesn't work. The image in the post you linked is all-around awful, so I have a hard time accepting that as real evidence.But, just so you know, navy windowpane as an SC is both serviceable and advisable.
I think it really depends on the shade of blue and the composition of the material.For instance, I'm almost certainly getting something made up in one of these three (1) (2) (3). All of which will work equally well with cream, khaki and mid-grey trousers in varying weights. I think a navy windowpane is a nice evolution of the solid navy blazer as it maintains the general matching flexibilities while adding a bit more visual interest.
Likely pulling the trigger on a Harrison's Mirage or LP linen/silk/wool number for next Spring/Summer (can't stop waffling on colors/patterns). One of my biggest qualms about lighter-weight wools is their lack of texture/visual interest. Fresco is the best of that ilk, but still wears a bit suit-y for my tastes. As someone living in a warmer climate, l/w/s is the best of both worlds -- light wearing with visual texture.
On a serious note it seems like the only new things I learn about on SF these days (consistently, anyway) are brands. And I'm still here, so that's not necessarily a "good old days" slight.
Wait, you mean people still come here to learn?
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