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That's why I'm intrigued to know how much they plan to charge at the NYC pop-up. I'm eying the cashmere gun club, which, given cashmere's vaulted status with US Customs, would cost an arm and a leg to import.
Anybody have a phone number for the newly-opened NYC pop-up?
Thinking of buying a sport coat (gun club) once it's stocked. Looking at the measurements provided on the site, it seems their shoulders are quite narrow (18" on a 42R). Anyone own a sport coat/can comment on the fit? I realize they market "unpadded" and "unstructured" shoulders, but that seems pretty narrow, and I'm unsure I should size up to a 44, given that the rest of the measurements (length and waist) increase considerably. Any input would be appreciated.
White Grandi & Rubinelli linen/cotton button down x Aqua 5" Baggies x Stubbs linen needlepoints x Rolex. Was told by the #TwitFo #gang I was very #SouthernTrad
Interesting. Their website copy reads tactfully vague, but the operation seems thought out. I assume half-canvas made in China? At ~$700 (for a SC) with shipping and $100 in alterations included, it does give me pause, but that sounds cool for more casual jackets. Intrigued to see how it shakes out.
I actually find it much easier to spot well-dressed people in other parts of the country, though that may be my bias. I think the execution of Trad in the South can have unique factors, but I don't think any of them are telling to the point that a conclusion that they are "decidedly Southern" can be reached.I also don't mean to demean costumes, only to point out that's what they are - special garments meant for specific occasions.
I get what you're reaching for, but again it's a reach. You're not going to turn down any street in the South and be welcomed by a Million Man March of John Daly, Colonel Sanders and Atticus Finch cosplay enthusiasts. Realistically everything that's commonplace in the South is just as common elsewhere (and I would argue, to an extent, done better in other regions). The argument that more closets are stacked a certain way because of the weather is also valid, but again...
As I initially stated, my issue with this is that the "identity" of "Southern Trad" revolves around brands (vs. design or actual identity). The Southern Tides and Southern Propers of the world do indeed exist to take advantage of "Southern Pride," but aside from t-shirt designs I don't think you can say any of their clothing is in any way uniquely "Southern." And this argument holds less water as the formality scale increases. Southern guys don't have any special material,...
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