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I wear my tuxedo with a covered-placket shirt, so I'm a bit biased. I will say I think they add a bit of interest, but I still like the more minimalist approach. To each their own, I suppose.
Hard to tell, but it doesn't appear that Servillo is wearing a belt. Paolo Sorrentino (pictured right), the director, however, is wearing a belt and looks pretty terrible all around.
I only watched it long enough to realize that Toni Servillo was far-and-away the best dressed. Not much of a surprise, considering his long-standing relationship with Attolini. Also worth noting that Attolini did all of the costumes for El Gran Belleza. A picture I was able to find without much digging:
^Very, very well done.
For the benefit of our (oft forgotten) French members, I'll contribute the so-called cran necker, a signature style of Smalto. This lapel expression is also referred to as the "fish mouth lapel" due to its appearance. Derek wrote up a nice piece on Smalto here.
You'd have to meet me to realize how little I compensate for with my clothes.I didn't mean to launch a personal attack against anyone, just trying to both stir the pot and preach moderation, as is my usual role.
I'm gonna try and get a snap tomorrow. As luck would have it I have a client lunch, so I'll be wearing a tie (a rarity these days). The true issue is that I really don't know where or when I'd take a picture. I'm generally in the office before the sun comes up and on the way home after it's gone down. Artificial lighting + iPhone = shit show.
I'm seeing a lot of overcompensating with many of these fits. It seems a lot of people think navy jacket plus grey trousers and immediately start thinking of ways to, "not dress like a security guard." Overly patterned shirts, bright ties, too many accessories; all of these things really detract from the overall coherence the navy, grey and brown lend so readily. There are very few people here who have honed their look to the point that "not being boring" should be a...
That is 100% a Range Rover owner's house.
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