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Wedding shot for the iGentry.
From my wedding -- Midnight blue flannel diner suit feat. an uncooperative left shirt sleeve.
If you're successful with this, let me know how. Short of wooing Sid over drinks or getting a part-time gig, not sure how a higher discount would be possible...
Smashburn sale is live. 25% off a pretty decent selection, including some of their older dead stock stuff. As a heads up the discounts are likely to slide to 40-50% off next week sometime.
AFAIK all Italian-made Drake's squares are machine-rolled. This recently came up in the Rubi threak.Actually the squares are the most wearable items on offer. 95% of the ties are unwearable and the remaining 5% are too niche to be worth owning. I realize even the most honored brands have more than their fair share of misses, but that seller did an incredible job of amassing the most comprehensive collection of Drake's abortions.
The world's largest collection of unwearable neckwear. This will truly test the fanboys.
I booked my place 6+ months in advance, so there were a number to choose from. That said, I saw a lot of places that (even with nice pictures and decent reviews) appeared to be in a bit of disrepair. I think that's par for the course with AirBnB, however. No real way to ensure quality control.
Shoulder seasons are always cheapest (early spring and early fall). Depending on where you're looking winter can be pretty cheap too. It really all depends. No one is looking to go to the Amalfi in February...
Not for everyone, obviously, but I had tremendous luck with AirBNB in Rome in October. Was able to get a 2 bedroom, 3 story apartment with a rooftop garden in Trastevere for
Some wintertime closet cleaning... Cucinelli Gun Club SC 40R US FU Glen Plaid Armani Suit 40R US Incotex Super-100s Trousers 34US Alfred Sargent Ramsey Double Monks 8F UK/8.5-9D US Drake's Wool Tie Luciano Barbera Linen/Silk Neat Tie
New Posts  All Forums: