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George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Chipp?Meh, Vineyard Vines, RL and some other smaller houses make a lot of whimsical ties that look the part. But you're right, I can spot a Hermes or Ferragmo from a mile away -- the key is to look for a flimsy tie with a terrible knot.
IME a lot of it stems from the "fuck you" mentality of bankers. Guys who have come up in prep schools (or equally as "preppy" of communities) and want a way of wearing a tie that is a subtle FU. The fact that Ferragamo and Hermes are at the forefront of whimsical designs only furthers my theory (see: "Lehman Handshake").
Will be interesting to see what their sales look like and the impact an ecommerce outlet has on their distribution to discount stores (like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc.) Some nice shoes on offer by them as well.
Didn't realize this thread existed, but wanted to give shouts to stitchy as well. While I didn't buy directly from him, he was incredibly helpful in the diamond vetting process and chalk-full of no-bullshit insight. Can't thank him enough and would recommend anyone getting hitched reach out to him.
The early collections ('07 and '08) were made by Caruso. Since 2009 they have been made by Southwick.
I'm in the same boat as you -- suits are pretty much only worn for weddings and funerals these days, and I honestly choose to not wear a watch with suits most times. I do, however, wear some variation of odd jacket/trou and open-collar shirt for most of the week. I've tried the XV on with a similar rig in the past and never thought of it as out of place, so I was taken aback by it being classified as strictly casual/weekend wear.
Surprised to hear so many doubting the Mark XV can be worn with a jacket. Granted I wouldn't wear it with a tux, but I've always thought it versatile enough to be a daily wearer in a jacket/trouser/tie optional office. I only voice my concern since it is likely to be my next watch (though God knows when I'll actually sack up and buy it). @Kaplan, do you steer clear of wearing yours with a jacket?
One of Suit Supply's best customers.
New Posts  All Forums: