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It's amazing to me how underwhelming 99.9% of dining room table chairs are. Trying to find decent complements to a 1920s round oak table has been like pulling teeth.
New & Lingwood Butterfly Loafer, 8E ($99, No Reserve) These are N&L "Bespoke" line, so made to C&J Hand Grade specifications.
Certainly an option, though I'd need bookshelf speakers for that (I don't want massive standing units hanging off my walls). So to my thinking mountable/bookshelf/small are all synonymous.
That gorge is certainly unique. Looks like a Florentine cran Necker.
I know, I know, mounted ceiling speakers are a sub-optimal listening experience. However, I just moved into a new house that has three ~10x12' rooms with 12' ceilings that are wired for ceiling speakers (seller took the old speakers with them). Given the wiring is all done, I figured I'd just buy some ceiling-mounted numbers (I need 6 of them). Not being an audiophile, and given these speakers will be more for entertaining than personal listening, I'm after any...
Interesting. Looks like there are plenty of eBay sellers offering the grey "Moving Rubber" Gatsby wax. For $10 might as well give it a shot. I appreciate the advice.I generally avoid blow-drying as it usually lends too much volume, making me look like I'm wearing a helmet.
Looking for some advice. I have thick, straight hair that I wear in a short side part (pic for reference). It tends to get greasy and messy quickly, so looking for: A shampoo that can cut through build-up (without murdering my scalp) A cream that I can use for styling I'm currently using Aveda Grooming Clay, which I like because it leaves a relatively sheen-free, natural appearance. However, it lacks a bit in the hold department (a stray breeze renders me disheveled),...
That was my fear. I guess I'll just bring them to a cobbler and see what he can do...
Speaking of cracking between tiles, is there anything that can be done to repair that cracking/separating? I have a pair that are cracking at the outside of each foot (close to the pinky toe). It isn't readily noticeable when they are being worn, but I would like to repair them if possible. Any suggestions?
New & Lingwood Butterfly Loafers 8.5D US They seem to be in like-new condition, though I'd ask to see the soles. I own a pair from N&L "Bespoke" range and they are fantastic.
New Posts  All Forums: