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Thanks for the rec. Matthew recommended I take a gander at the Smiths books. Per serge, I had kind of ruled that out given that all the serge I know of is >13oz, which makes it untenable for wear in the Southeastern US. Weight aside, how does serge wear? Looking at the weave I have to assume it's not very breathable...Thanks for this. Will have a look at the Fox options. At first glance it seems like their navy options are either very heavy or disconcertingly light. That...
I'm planning to commission a navy blazer with Steed during their February US trip. Looking for suggestions on a versatile, workhorse cloth that can stand up to planes, trains and automobiles. Ideally, I'd like some combination of: Open weave ~10oz so it's comfortable to wear while traveling and during warmer/humid months Drier hand (don't want a sheen-y country club look) Decent resiliency to wrinkling (though obviously the lighter the weight, the harder that is to...
That would certainly work. My wife remarked they felt too "Paris bistro" for a dining room, but in terms of complementing the design of the table, they are in-line with what we'll likely end up getting. We've also discussed mixing and matching - cloth covered for the ends and then a simpler (a la No. 18) design for the sides. Not sold that can look great, however. At any rate, thanks for the suggestion!
I've found a couple that are okay, but I find a lot of chairs from that era are too ornate and frou-frou. Our dining room is a transition room between a more MCM living room and a modern kitchen, so it's kind of stuck in No Man's Land. It doesn't help that I've been treating the process as, "I'm not sure exactly what I'm after, but I'll know when I find it."
It's amazing to me how underwhelming 99.9% of dining room table chairs are. Trying to find decent complements to a 1920s round oak table has been like pulling teeth.
New & Lingwood Butterfly Loafer, 8E ($99, No Reserve) These are N&L "Bespoke" line, so made to C&J Hand Grade specifications.
Certainly an option, though I'd need bookshelf speakers for that (I don't want massive standing units hanging off my walls). So to my thinking mountable/bookshelf/small are all synonymous.
That gorge is certainly unique. Looks like a Florentine cran Necker.
I know, I know, mounted ceiling speakers are a sub-optimal listening experience. However, I just moved into a new house that has three ~10x12' rooms with 12' ceilings that are wired for ceiling speakers (seller took the old speakers with them). Given the wiring is all done, I figured I'd just buy some ceiling-mounted numbers (I need 6 of them). Not being an audiophile, and given these speakers will be more for entertaining than personal listening, I'm after any...
Interesting. Looks like there are plenty of eBay sellers offering the grey "Moving Rubber" Gatsby wax. For $10 might as well give it a shot. I appreciate the advice.I generally avoid blow-drying as it usually lends too much volume, making me look like I'm wearing a helmet.
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