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It's likely impossible to know where the cloth comes from. I was hoping that there was a book out there that touted "wool/flax" that I could have a look at. But if it comes down to taster's choice on how you label what's in the fabric, then it's likely just a usual wool/linen blend.So I guess I'll ask if anyone knows of wool/linen blend puppytooth in an excru and grey. Something like this:
Fair enough. Guess it's back to square one.
This makes a lot more sense to me. And in thinking about it overnight, I know that I have seen tags that read both flax and linen. It seems odd to me that the two would be interchangeable on a composition tag. Plus, to your point, Derek, flax is the precursor to linen.So I guess my question still stands. Worse comes to worst I'll likely go back to the quest for a suitable wool/linen(/silk/cashmere) blend, but I was really intrigued by the idea of a crunchier, lightweight,...
That was my original thought. Although the hand of wool/flax jacket was a little coarser than wool/linen mixes I've encountered in the past. That obviously doesn't mean anything, but had me thinking there may be a difference in the production or something.
Anyone have a good source for wool/flax mixes? Found an awesome PRL ecru and grey puppytooth SC today (a tad small for me, unfortunately). Tag read 50/50 wool/flax. It had a great texture and wore light and crunchy but didn't seem to hold many wrinkles. I'm thinking something similar would make for a great unstructured summer jacket. Also wondering if anyone has any experience with flax. I assume it wears similar to linen, but wasn't sure if there was more to it...
It is. I linked back to the source in the click-through, but not sure which thread it's from. Likely this one...
Looks like Drapers, especially given the composition. I'll likely be in Mashburn's next week and I'll try to remember and ask around. Though more often than not those dudes don't know SF-level minutiae.
I just tore the elbow on my fifth shirt in three weeks. Mother. Fucker.
^That's the one. Ninja edit. And all good points, Canta. I agree on all fronts.
I actually meant to post the one of him at lunch in London. I remember him wearing a tweed jacket and a very nice Ancient Madder. I can't seem to find it, though.Per that example, I'm kinda drawn to it for some reason. Completely absurd and far from in good taste, but something about the execution doesn't have me immediately running for the bathroom (like I'd think I would). For the record, I'd never attempt something like this.
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