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I ask because I hadn't heard of Ultrasone until I read that interview (great work as always, by the way). I too am in the market for a new pair since my Shures have gone with way of the dodo. Will have to give the Steinheisers a look. I try to limit my pedantic, nerdy disposition to clothing. I don't think my brain or wallet could handle another hobby of any real substance.
Did Kiya's Ultrasone name drop in the PTO interview start you on this journey?
Friendly reminder that brown is for farmer.
My thoughts are similar to Concordia's. I wouldn't recommend it for a blazer cloth, though it is possible. It terms of wear it is very light and very breathable. Worn them to many a Southern July wedding. and been comfortable.
I have a couple suits in the 8/9 oz. Weirdly never handled the 9/10, though you're not the first to recommend it. I appreciate the $0.02.
Turned out nicely. I posted a more thorough review of both the cloth and the process with Steed on Ye Olde Blog.One thing I will mention/caution on the bamboo is that it gives a good bit. While it hasn't lost shape or begun bagging, it does create a "more roomy feel," as Matthew put it, after a bit of wear. I'm going to bring it with me when I get fitted for the blazer, as Matthew has already noticed a couple things he'd like to touch up. On the whole I like it and have...
There's a solid 2-3 months in Atlanta where you can only wear tailored clothing indoors. No amount of engineering or design can compensate for 95 degrees and 90% humidity. That said, Atlanta is about as close to un-walk-able as it gets, so I'm in need of something that won't smother me during walks from car to building.I'm waffling on whether I want to lean slightly lighter than navy. I typically go full-on California tuxedo (khaki and blue), so a less-than-navy option is...
Matthew didn't make mention of Fox, so I'll double check. Thanks for the heads up.
Funny enough I own a SC length of Derek's Fresco. While that will be made up sooner than later, I do want a true blazer beforehand. As I said my current navy blazer is just too hot.Interesting suggestion on the LL Brisa. I have to admit I'm not a member over there and always assume that while beautiful, Alden's cloths are armor-like and would never work for a guy in Atlanta. I'll have to do some digging on the Brisa. I assume Steed doesn't have any left in the coffers, but...
Yeah that's my concern on the lighter weight. I'd likely be wearing this blazer once a week, so I do need something that can stand up. My fear is that ~10oz no one really builds for longevity. Your Anderson's sounds ideal.I've been burned on ultra-light cloths in the past. No chance I'd get anywhere near the Fox Panama weaves. Though good to have confirmation on that.
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