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Barker Black is more or less Barker's foray into a "hand grade" line. However, they seem to have an infatuation with tongue-in-cheek detailing (see: skull and crossbones). And that green suede is horrid. Quality-wise they are quite good. I'd put them on par with C&J for sure (C&J Hand Grade is a bit of a stretch, but not by a ton).It's been a while since I've handled a pair of Barker Blacks, but when they first came out there were a very nice shoe with a bit of...
Decidedly more SWD-leaning, but Unionmade is having an Archive Sale. Up to 95% off. Sniped a Scott and Charters crew neck for $69. Worth a look.
Terrific angle on that picture. "For the man who enjoys wearing dildo-lasted footwear."
True iGents never wear seat belts. Be ready to die for this shit.
Derby flashback. Highlights: RLPL trou, "The Baseball Tie," Russian reindeer calf sleds
Something often forgotten here: If you do it right, even iGents won't notice what you're wearing.
Not pictured: RM Comfies in richer-than-you Tanned French Veal Calf.
I can't believe how many of you plebs actually drive yourselves...
Door to the shitter is a deal breaker.
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