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In high school I played hockey with a few kids who lost their mouth guard at one point or another. Their solution was to fold over a couple pieces of tape to simulate a mouth guard. Kept the referees from hassling them. So...
Though my online persona may seem otherwise, I am no big tymer. Don't tell the others.
I suppose I am less concerned about wear and tear on shoes. I have a lot of calf and cordovan in my rotation and I hardly ever shine them. I'm far more into a beat-up, matte, textured look for my feet. That obviously coincides with my lifestyle and profession, as well. I guess I just never realized that a pair of suede shoes (loafers, balmorals, chukkas, chelseas, whatever) didn't make everyone's short list.
Bespoke. Their prices must have changed. I was in two years ago (or so) and was told mid-range fabrics started around $4k.
I'm heavily considering never buying another pair of calf shoes...
Field indeed does great work, but is pricey. Far pricier than NSM or Steed. True you pay for the convenience, but I'd go into it realizing you're not buying a Kent Wang suit.
Do people seriously not own suede shoes? Is that actually a thing?
I may participate, though I can't be held responsible if my submissions bore you to death.
I'm out of town this weekend, unfortunately.
Any particular reason? (Aside from "It's played-out.")
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