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Noodles, that before and after shot is honestly quite impressive. But Jesus Christ how does any one person warrant 900 pages of advice? At 900 pages I'd hope you now have Ambrosi making house calls, know how to hit a G-spot from 1,000 yards and are fluent in 10 languages... Worth noting my last contribution to this threak was (somehow?!) 700 pages ago, so I may be out of the loop.
But does any part of it sound like something you'd buy from a mid-40s dude in sweats?
I sell B2B enterprise security software focused around legacy applications. There's no branding or marketing in the world that can save that.
What adds insult to injury is that I know for a fact our CEO is a big bespoke customer. He has some really fantastic tweeds and soft-tailored suits that we've talked about before. I know he splits time on the Row and in Southern Italy, but we never got so far as to discuss makers.I'll be so pissed if that smug asshole is donning spalla camicia while I wallow in the K-Mart sales bin.
I wish. The Converse are "custom-branded" with our company logo, color scheme, etc.I really have no idea what they are thinking. I'm young enough that if I were an exceptionally lazy and tasteless asshole it's something I may wear, but I'm the youngest client-facing guy in our company by 15 years. So basically imagine a bunch of 45-55 year old guys walking around like homeless people.Jeans, of course. I'll have to hit the Gap for their finest pre-distressed to complete the...
Have a big industry conference coming up in a couple weeks and our CEO just informed the sales and consulting staff that we will all be wearing hoodies and Converse at the booth/around the show... Fuck you, Zuckerberg,
I assumed it was something simple like that. Thanks for the clarification.
So I'm in the market for a new utilitarian crew-neck sweater. I need something that I can wear to the office and for layering on the weekends. My usual starting point for such endeavors is William Lockie. They have a geelong option (for pretty cheap) that has me intrigued. However, I'm not 100% what the difference is between plain 'ole Merino wool and geelong (other than £15). Anyone have any insight into geelong? I've handled it in the past and remember a nice hand, but...
Cucinelli is not really what I would consider a value brand. The (laughably) high prices stem from marketing masked as materials and labor. Tailored goods are also an extension of the brand rather than their bread-and-butter (which is obviously knitwear).I have an older jacket from them (maybe from 2005ish?) that is full-canvas. However, all the more recent stuff I've handled has been half-canvassed.
http://wellwornwornwell.tumblr.com/post/80576430143/profiling-the-obsessive-serial-killers-igents-andshameless plug
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