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Derby flashback. Highlights: RLPL trou, "The Baseball Tie," Russian reindeer calf sleds
Something often forgotten here: If you do it right, even iGents won't notice what you're wearing.
Not pictured: RM Comfies in richer-than-you Tanned French Veal Calf.
I can't believe how many of you plebs actually drive yourselves...
Door to the shitter is a deal breaker.
I try to put in time on the one at my gym every other week or so. Great workout. Though the aesthetics of their machine would certainly be hate-inducing if I had to see it everyday. From a looks-alone standpoint I like the second one the most, FWIW.
Been watching a lot of House of Cards, Kap?
Sweet deal here...
Past few pages have read like a conversation in pretty much any Brooklyn bar: "Everything established sucks. This stuff and these people you've never heard of are much better." While I agree with the idea of exposing new designers and movements, Finn, the argument/objection parallels pretty much everything else in the world, whether that be music, art, food, traveling, etc. (That is to say the status quo sucks and people can/should do better). Does most popular music...
New Posts  All Forums: