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I try to put in time on the one at my gym every other week or so. Great workout. Though the aesthetics of their machine would certainly be hate-inducing if I had to see it everyday. From a looks-alone standpoint I like the second one the most, FWIW.
Been watching a lot of House of Cards, Kap?
Sweet deal here...
Past few pages have read like a conversation in pretty much any Brooklyn bar: "Everything established sucks. This stuff and these people you've never heard of are much better." While I agree with the idea of exposing new designers and movements, Finn, the argument/objection parallels pretty much everything else in the world, whether that be music, art, food, traveling, etc. (That is to say the status quo sucks and people can/should do better). Does most popular music...
Upskirt observatory.
Really bummed to let this go, but the shoulders just don't fit. This is a brand new Belvest for Jay Kos sport coat in a heathered navy blue Birdseye weave. It is marked as a 38, drop 8, but the measurements are much more in line with a 40-42 (see below). It is two button, dual vent with a ticket pocket. The construction is full canvas and very soft with minimal padding in the shoulder. It's 1/4 lined, making it ideal for the warmer months. The cloth is really something...
Looks Belvest-y and Castangia-y at the same time... Thoughts?
Thanks, Chris. Have to check that out. I'm intrigued by something with a bit of wool to control wrinkling, but that looks close.
Anyone know who makes this cloth (it's Corneliani for PRL "Yale Jacket," if that helps)? Or have any suggestions on where I can find a large(r) scale herringbone in a wool/silk/linen mix? Most all the herringbone W/S/L cloths I see have a tiny scale, making for more of a solid look and less of the faux-tweed I'm going for. Thanks for any help.
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