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Smashburn sale is on. More stuff than usual including shoes and Kiton, which is new as far as I know. Only 25% off right now, but that will likely increase to 50% in the next couple of weeks.
I usually just fold them over twice so that they are rolled to mid-forearm. I'm not even sure why I do it, really -- not as if I'm toiling in the fields. I think (given an office environment) I may look silly rolling them above the elbow, so maybe I'll just try to wear them buttoned going forward.The cuffs aren't really tight, even after washing. In fact I have my left cuff cut with a larger diameter to accommodate a watch and it's far from snug around the watch. I think...
Thanks, Carl!On further reflection I do find I lean to that side more often when sitting at my desk. Another thing I thought of: while I generally wear a sport coat to the office, it's not long before I take it off and roll up my sleeves. The roll may be creating tightness in the forearm that's pushing pressure to the elbow. I think I'll add some width at the forearm, elbow and wrist, as well as increase the diameter of the armhole to reduce tension through the arm.Thanks...
Probably came from the recent Slate article.
Interesting. Thanks for the feedback, gents. If the consensus is that they are a shade or so darker than the Merino Bros pics I'll certainly want to get my hands on some swatches. Considering 28431 already looks really inky-blue in the Merino picture, much darker and I may reconsider it.Per it being a thicker cloth, do you find it wears heavy? Fully intend on a buggy lining so it shouldn't be an issue, but am interested to know if the weight/composition is (somewhat)...
That's where I first saw the fabric (tip of the hat to Concordia). However all the images on that page seem to be quite saturated on my phone/monitor. Almost as if there's a filter of some sort. I just wanted to get a second opinion on coloring/texture/weave, etc from someone that has firsthand knowledge. I'll obviously get a sample before ordering but don't want to go through the hassle if the IRL fabric looks completely different.
I don't really see either as inherently informal ("casual" may have been the wrong word), but I do think all of the spalla camiccia variations create a softer silhouette. Something that is better suited, to my thinking, for an odd jacket execution. A more pronounced sleevhead just creates more of a "frame" for the shoulder (and jacket as a whole) that aesthetically strikes me as more formal. I'm sure that others would argue that, however.At any rate, digging your execution.
I really like spalla camiccia for more unstructured/casual odd jackets. However, when it comes to suits or even worsted blazers I like a bit more of a defined silhouette for the shoulder. Makes it look more formal to my eye. That idea is only compounded when it's a DB configuration.Either way great suit. Wear it in good health.
Interested to see 28431 and 28429. Have you made anything up in Mirage? I'm really intrigued by the composition and curious to know how well it tailors and wears. Thanks for the help!
Beautiful sleevehead, Sander
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