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I just tore the elbow on my fifth shirt in three weeks. Mother. Fucker.
^That's the one. Ninja edit. And all good points, Canta. I agree on all fronts.
I actually meant to post the one of him at lunch in London. I remember him wearing a tweed jacket and a very nice Ancient Madder. I can't seem to find it, though.Per that example, I'm kinda drawn to it for some reason. Completely absurd and far from in good taste, but something about the execution doesn't have me immediately running for the bathroom (like I'd think I would). For the record, I'd never attempt something like this.
Mine came with the belt as well, but the belt is RLPL and the buckle reads "Polo." I have to assume there was some Frankenstein-ing somewhere.
Maybe I need to ditch the buckle, then. It looks like it's going to do some serious damage sooner than later. Always nice to add another thing to the "need" list...
I like the look and flexibility of a slide belt. I'm cool with getting another slide buckle, but I just didn't know if this was typical or not. My last belts were tongue buckles and while they were fine, I prefer the look of the silver slide buckle.
For those of you who wear slide belts: Is wear/rubbing/discoloration at the slide point just part of the territory? I recently purchased a gator slide belt and the scales have begun to discolor a bit and slight grooves have formed where I slide the belt to put it on/take it off. Seems like it's an easy way to ruin a belt, but the slide buckle came with the belt, so...
In the spirit of being that dick who does whatever he wants, I'm posting an assortment of my favorite WAYWRN pics of all time. Let's be honest, one thumb from me is worth twenty from others (just ask your mom). So, here are some of my favorites from the pre-thumb (pre-2012) era. Mao: Foo: Doc: Butler: EFV: Urban: CPT: GDL: I'm missing a lot, but those were the ones I could easily source. Figure they'll be good for conversation if nothing else. Mod(s),...
I know Derek has already waxed poetically on the fit of his shirts, but I would not be comfortable in something that tight. It's like a constant reminder to hit the gym--but not too hard.
I know it's wrong to judge people on their appearance, but fuck that guy.
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