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I never really got the appeal of multiple platforms. If you have a blog, you have a blog. If you don't, you don't. I started mine as a dumping ground of inspiration; a landfill of excess. Replicating that real estate only deludes the convenience of aggregation. Plus I'm a firm believer that the world only needs so much of me. That said, if I was trying to monetize my hobby, build an image or launch a brand, I'd be everywhere and then some.
I think there is a fundamental difference between in-home parking for a car that is meant for regular (or even semi-regular) use and cars that are being displayed as art. If the cars aren't moving for months or years at a time (a la Ralphy-cakes), then I can see the logic behind wanting more of a showcase feel (much like you would with traditional art). But if you run the risk of asphyxiating your cat at the start of each daily morning commute, I really don't get the appeal.
Yeah, but those aren't the guys who park in their living room...
I imagine the owners of all those houses as try-hard divorcees who regularly drop some version of, "The car pulls out, but I never do."
The allure of bespoke is not just the pattern. In fact, most patterns are merely reference points. The true value of bespoke is that you get in-real-life advice and counseling from the cutter and tailor who will physically be making your garment. You also benefit from an iterative process in which tweaks can be made during the course of construction and finishing. When it comes to "true bespoke," you're paying far more for experience, judgement and a trained eye than you...
Recently pulled the trigger on a Battenwear anorak... only for the USPS to promptly lose it. And it's now sold out in my size... So instead I recovered and bought a pair of Oliver Peoples Sheldrakes to replace the Shurons I sacrificed to Poseidon last weekend. I suppose things have a way of working out.
The first blowjob a girl gives is bespoke. The rest are merely MTM.
Not sure I would agree with that at all. In fact, privileged WASPs pride themselves on ostentatious, tongue-in-cheek displays (see below).I have only one pair of alligator shoes that I wear sparingly in spring/summer. However, as a younger guy, I'd never wear them to a work-related function or any situation in which ostentation is less-than-acceptable (i.e. anywhere I need to stay sober).
I have a high propensity to gain and lose weight (I've seen 5lb+ swings in 24-48 hours). It's for this reason that I haven't spent a ton of time and energy pursuing "high grade" bespoke. There's no chance of ever seeing "the perfect fit" for anyone, but the idea is even more futile in my case. Accordingly, I buy custom stuff to more suit my aesthetic tastes than my physical ambitions. At a certain point I had to realize I'd go mad (and broke) if I was constantly chasing...
Thanks for the kind words. Even if they aren't necessarily directed towards me, this is a thread about taste, so I'll take the points.In the event she turns out to be my sister, I'm going to need recommendations on a good tailor in Alabama.
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