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I mean it more in the context of them giving advice and how that advice is delivered. If I walk into Saks and know exactly what I want, the dude working there could be in a clown outfit and I'd still buy. But I have had multiple experiences where an SA has gone out of his way to push his personal tastes as the way things should be done -- whether that manifests as suggesting a jacket two sizes too big or advocating a Merlot shirt and black tie.I don't mean to say someone...
I've never based a purchase on whether a SA has been well-dressed or not. But if you dress like Steve Harvey's stunt double and offer advice as canon, you're not gonna get my business. I find that type of scenario is much more typical of large department stores, and therefore something I encounter less and less.
I don't think it has to do with intimidation or even the comfort of the SA -- more to do with a wide range of clothing that is being sold. Stores like Barney's in particular (more so in their Co-Ops, but in the motherships as well) really seem to flirt the line between more experimental fashion and classic, well-made pieces. If I'm looking at buying something Raf, I'm not going to give much credence to the guy wearing Brioni. Which leads to bertie's thought...The other...
Yeah. I realize it's likely not MC-sanctioned, but I have worn a black tuxedo for a number of years and am looking to change it up. That said, I'll obviously have the standard tux if need be.
Having an ivory dinner jacket made up. Waffling back and forth on grosgrain facings or not. Worth mentioning this will likely be the jacket I wear to all black tie occasions for the foreseeable future. Thoughts?
The world's largest stockpile of C&J shoes...
I forget this is one of the last bastions of Big Tymers on the fora, so pardon the plebe contribution. Just took delivery of a XC70 AWD. Nice balance between my last car (Tahoe) and the car before that (S60). Needed more car-like MPG and handling while still (somewhat) keeping the space. Plus, I am a mid-20s dude stuck in a mid-50s dude's body -- really filled my need to drive like a dad.
Reading this makes me feel how a_y must feel when he wakes up in the morning and realizes he's still alive.
Ordered shoes from an esoteric Italian brand only to be informed they are complete garbage manufactured in Italchina... the same day I get my shipping notification. And it appears their brand is just as hard to nail down as their return policies...
Every thread is "Things that are pissing you off." when you're a_y.
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