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Portofino IV. Matthew's most recent jacket is of the same cloth, but with a red overcheck.
Met with Matthew and Edwin today. Getting a spring/summer SC made up in this (100% bamboo). Per Matthew it breathes extremely well and wears cool. Excited to see how it turns out.
I went by their measurements. I'm typically somewhere between medium and large but I went with a large, given the shoulder measurements provided. That said I much prefer something to be a bit big than a bit small (particularly with outwear).
Unionmade Archive Sale is back. Not as large as last season's but still some goodies. Grabbed a Mackintosh Waverly for $179.
That's it! Andrew! Should have known you'd have the answer. Just did a cursory search and the thread (Neo Nouveau: Luxury Leather Goods by Andrew Diba - Official Affiliate Thread) has indeed been deleted.Thanks a ton, D. You wouldn't happen to know anything about the products would you? I remember the thread having very positive reviews...
I feel like I remember something Canadian too. It's seriously strange to me that a thread was seemingly deleted and a member expunged. I know the guy was a regular poster before he threw up the thread.That said I don't think this is him, unfortunately. His bifolds were in the $350 neighborhood IIRC.
Not the same guy but I appreciate the effort!
That's good to know. But somehow it's not listed in there. Damndest thing. I wonder if he pissed off the mods or something? His stuff was really nice and I subbed because I could never remember the name...
An insanely vague and unhelpful question: There was a member here a year ago or two who started their own leather goods outfit. They were an affiliate for a while but I can't seem to find the company anywhere on SF (or even in my post history). If it helps he had a website where you could customize your wallet preferences/options. He was also making leather bags. Anyone have any ideas? I'm eyeing a wallet project and remember really liking his stuff. Thanks for any help...
I'm 99% sure that B Nelson is who they use, given the details they've provided. Both shoes are already double sole, so I'll likely stay the course. Thanks for the input.
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