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Thanks, Chris. Have to check that out. I'm intrigued by something with a bit of wool to control wrinkling, but that looks close.
Anyone know who makes this cloth (it's Corneliani for PRL "Yale Jacket," if that helps)? Or have any suggestions on where I can find a large(r) scale herringbone in a wool/silk/linen mix? Most all the herringbone W/S/L cloths I see have a tiny scale, making for more of a solid look and less of the faux-tweed I'm going for. Thanks for any help.
Don's shoes are the bees knees. Though, as is to be expected, said knees are a few inches higher than you'd think.
What are the measurements of the bag (length, width, height)?
I think the best part of tumblr is one's ability to seamlessly blend editorial with context-free images. The Q&A features are also quite nice in terms of getting actionable feedback and/or getting to know the author.
Polished concrete is much simpler and lower maintenance, but I like the warmness of wood. Particularly in contrast to colder, more modern furnishings. Then again I'm sure I'll prefer simpler sooner than later...
Was there a meet-up in Edinburgh recently? [[SPOILER]]
I've never understood the popularity of aggregation blogs, especially in the menswear world. Then again I've always treated the "like" button as most treat the reblog...
Thanks for the insight, guys. Greg -- The fiancee is looking into the Lungarno Hotel now, actually. I think that's likely where we'll end up. Looks like an awesome time. Gus -- Villa Cortina looks awesome. Unfortunately, given the itinerary we've already put into place, I'm not sure it would be doable. We'd likely have to call an audible on the logistics (which is obviously not out of the question). I may come as less than shocking that the missus will have final say....
Heading to Italy for my honeymoon. Late September/early October. It will be the fiancee's first time in Italy, so looking to mix up the touristy with the romantic -- 2 nights Florence, 2 nights Rome, 4 nights Amalfi. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on places to stay in Amalfi. All but settled on Positano, but could be swayed if there are better options in the region. Open to hotels or houses/apartments. We're pretty low maintenance when it comes to housing. Think...
New Posts  All Forums: