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Still live here. +1If I ever had the inclination to have a camel jacket made I'd just get another blue blazer.
42(ish) Bespoke Russel Plaid Jacket by Flusser ($79) Large Vintage Hunter Green Duffel by Abercrombie ($100) Size 10 Desert Boots by Gravati ($1) Large Leather Shearling Coat by Enrico Mandelli ($90)
Brand new, unworn pair of Gucci horsebit loafers in rich brown suede, size 8D US. The horsebit loafer is a Gucci signature and is, in my opinion, the most versatile casual loafer one can own. The dark brown suede adds a nice degree of depth to these, making for a more tasteful and versatile impression than their smooth-calf cousins. The shoes are pretty TTS, I am somewhere between a 8.5 and 9D US, and these are simply too small (hence my selling). The shoes come with box...
They promise Chan, deliver Indochino.
Yeah, there seems to be a lot more XC60s out there in warranty than XC70s. Not sure if that should tell me something or not... Either way, from a bang for your buck perspective, I think Volvo is a better play than MB. Need to start digging into research to see what which car offers the best experience. Regardless of model I would need a 2012 or newer with 40k miles or less.
It likely sounds stupid (considering I am looking at multiple station wagons and glorified wagons), but the RX is just too much of a soccer mom mobile to me. I used to date a girl who drove one (newer body style). She was super hot but all she wanted was to get married and have kids ASAP. Since then I haven't been able to shake a bad association out of my head.Again, stupid I know. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the input, gents.My cousin has a Q5 and has nothing but good things to say (granted it's a seasonal driver). I've driven it a couple times and liked it, but for some reason never really loved it. But since I have no idea why I feel that way, it may be worth taking another look.The Volvo is another one that I may have to take a closer look at. My fiancee drives an S40, so I'm fairly familiar with them. I've always liked the XC70s.I've done some snooping around...
Just grabbed a pair of Craftsmen in dark tan French calf. Went with rubber soles. Pretty excited to get them. Been in need of a shit-kicker winter boot, hope that these will do the job.
Not necessarily. Those are just the two cars (that meet what I'm looking for) that have caught my eye when I see them on the road. I'll be the first to admit I am a sucker for design/aesthetics. My main criterion is that it's a small SUV/crossover. From there I'm more or less avoiding something that's an eye sore or woefully unremarkable. Fuel economy is the third priority on my list. (I know, this all exposes how out-of-touch I am.)Since I don't drive a TON I don't need...
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