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PSA for folks in the greater Atlanta area: Marshall's at Lindbergh has 2-3 racks' worth of Books Brothers Black Fleece. Outerwear, shirts, pants, suits, sport coats, and knitwear (including cashmere) -- everything is marked $129.99. Multiples of everything, sizes from BB0 to BB4.
Really? I don't like wearing spreads sans jacket. They end up curling at the ends or (if the collar band isn't fused) spreading awkwardly. I think a BD collar is much better when there is no jacket in the picture or when you're likely to take your jacket off (a la the office).
I think the biggest plus of BD collars is that they look way better sans jacket than spreads do. And when you consider you can simply unbutton the collar and (assuming you have a proper collar) tuck the points under the lapel, a BD collar really allows you to have your cake and eat it too.
Nice lapel width and roll there. Who made the jacket?
Like everything else I think going BD sans tie only looks good and natural if you're used to doing it. A hard-starched shirt that's been hanging with a button-fastener from the dry cleaners for two weeks isn't going to look good without a tie. Canta -- all the pictures you posted were of crisp shirts with a second button placement that outs them as meant to be worn with a tie. The shirts that I wear open-necked are not the ones I wear with a tie. In fact I have two...
Yeah I understand that and honestly the majority of bespoke customers I know don't dress that well. But still, that's a rather apparent issue.I guess he could wear them together so infrequently that he's never noticed or cared to notice, but it's still a bit weird to think he wouldn't try to make that right or at the very least have a second pair commissioned while he wears his currents. Then again, I dare not think too much about what goes through the minds of...
Assuming this is correct (and there's a fair argument that it is), I'm equal parts confused by and envious of his give-no-fucks attitude towards wearing them together.I know the concept of "sprezz" or curmudgeon dishevelment is often lauded (and particularly in the elite eye-talian circles), but this really is a seemingly unprecedented moment of "can't be bothered." It's easier to pull off because it's a casual fabric meant to be worn casually, but given his means and...
To Manton's comment, I assume there is a big difference in cutting a pattern for one person vs. cutting a pattern for everyone (and no one). Plus you're working from a designer's vision rather than measurements, rock of eye, etc. Seems like two completely different skill sets.
Well I think there's a less-than-slight difference between one-time felons and dictators accused of war crimes/noted international dictators with ties to terrorism and human rights violations...I know what you're getting at, but to jed's point, these are internationally recognized and hated figures.
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