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Surprised to hear so many doubting the Mark XV can be worn with a jacket. Granted I wouldn't wear it with a tux, but I've always thought it versatile enough to be a daily wearer in a jacket/trouser/tie optional office. I only voice my concern since it is likely to be my next watch (though God knows when I'll actually sack up and buy it). @Kaplan, do you steer clear of wearing yours with a jacket?
One of Suit Supply's best customers.
Anyone ever heard of Nikky Versier Capri? Found a bit of an oddity this morning when casually strolling through Marshall's. Was drawin in by the color/pattern and then the fabric. Upon closer inspection it was very well-made and full canvass. Soft shoulder design with minimal padding and a nice bit of drape without losing an athletic chest. Fabric is 95/5 wool/cash but the hand is incredibly soft. I obviously wouldn't guarantee it but the fabric looks and feels identical...
My comments weren't SC-specific, only windowpane specific (as it pertains to suits and SCs). I added the images in the hopes to spur conversation and show that navy can be executed well and that using color as the gold standard is far from fool-proof.At any rate, no biggie.
Or fly to Naples off the Sky Miles accrued from purchase.
^+1 RE: Pliny's picks. I looked at the Moonbeam but decided to go with something that is more 3-season (for someone living south of the Mason-Dixon). Your first pick is tits for Fall/Winter, however.
I'll agree that less-than-navy is certainly less "severe." However, with a complexion that favors higher contrast (i.e. white as fuck), it helps to have the darker, truer navy at play. Darker colors are also inherently more formal, but I don't think you can use that generalization as evidence that dark odd jackets don't work (see: navy blazers). Piggy-backing off of that, I find it interesting that your mental block stems from color and not material composition. In your...
This bit?It's odd to me that you would see the vertical lines as a defining point and disregard the horizontal lines altogether. Am I safe in assuming then that you only see a Russell plaid when looking at a glen plaid jacket?It's also odd that, if I follow your logic, navy alone is fine and vertical lines alone are fine, but together they look too "suit-y." I'm not sure what SC would ever be advisable with strictly vertical lines, regardless of color or composition. Not...
I think this is the only place to net-out as you haven't really offered any support or insight into why navy windowpane doesn't work. The image in the post you linked is all-around awful, so I have a hard time accepting that as real evidence.But, just so you know, navy windowpane as an SC is both serviceable and advisable.
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