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I've always felt the 522s were quite slim through the leg and seat. Certainly a higher rise, but I don't think "loose upper... strong taper" really describes them.That said, if you do know of a jean that is looser through the seat and thigh and sports a decent taper without making the wearer look like a carrot I'm all ears. I have a serious case of hockey ass, meaning that I'm usually stuck with straight legs and dinner plate circumference hems.
The only black loafers I own are black suede Belgian Shoes (Mr. Casuals). I more or less wear them exclusively with black tie... or when I'm super hungover and can't bother to find another pair of shoes for a trip to the grocery.
Pretty obvious the mirror is off-center so you don't have to look yourself in the eye and confront the fact that you fucked up the TP placement.
Thanks, everyone. I'll have a look. And way ahead of you, mimo. All matte everything. Was actually thinking sueded 'gator but I think the watch is too classic to do that. Also may grab a NATO band for weekends.
Thanks, guys. I had heard of the nail polish trick for rings. It seems a bit trickier for watches. And as this is a watch I wear (wore) multiple times a week, I doubt I'd be able to keep up with the applications. Still think leather band is my best bet. Anyone have suggestions on a good maker? Looking for something that will lay flat/be subtle.
Just discovered I have (developed?) a gold allergy. My dad gave me the watch above a couple years ago and now I can no longer wear it without irritation. I was hoping for some suggestions on alternate bands. As of now thinking cognac alligator may be best, but really haven't done any thinking/research on the matter. Thoughts? Suggestions? Makers I should look to? Ideally I don't want to spend a mint but also don't want something that will look bad or cheap. TIA.
I certainly understand that and have mitigated a lot of the "get it out the door" mentality by shopping places where SAs aren't on commission. However, if I walk in and one SA is dressed more similarly to how I am/like to dress vs. one who does not, I'll rely on the former to suggest a tie or shirt or whatever. Not to say I follow them blindly, nor is it to say their advice will be rooted in what the really like, but all else being equal I'll go with the guy who seems to...
I mean it more in the context of them giving advice and how that advice is delivered. If I walk into Saks and know exactly what I want, the dude working there could be in a clown outfit and I'd still buy. But I have had multiple experiences where an SA has gone out of his way to push his personal tastes as the way things should be done -- whether that manifests as suggesting a jacket two sizes too big or advocating a Merlot shirt and black tie.I don't mean to say someone...
I've never based a purchase on whether a SA has been well-dressed or not. But if you dress like Steve Harvey's stunt double and offer advice as canon, you're not gonna get my business. I find that type of scenario is much more typical of large department stores, and therefore something I encounter less and less.
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