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If this were a 40-42 it would be instakopped. Great jacket.
Haha your imagination does not fail you as I am wearing a cotton/linen pair at this very moment. Adding insult to injury, they used to be pants...
As a recovering Chicagoan myself, I can appreciate your bias with this take. However, for those of us not living in Chiberia 10 months out of the year, shorts go from acceptable to necessary. And that goes double for those of us who needn't wear ties on the reg.
Shorts are actually good and not bad.
In terms of "fashion" I think they are interchangeable. However, when it comes to leathers, I've always found oxblood has more of a dark brown or black undertone with red intermingled (rather than a red base in burgundy shoes). It gives the leather a deeper, almost uniformly red-burnished appearance and makes the shoes appear dark brown or black in low light. I have a pair of old bit loafers with "oxblood" leather and they wear somewhere between black, brown and...
Oxblood > burgundy.
All that spitting and spanking will invariably lead to new stains.
Tweed in the City was robbed (again)
The trick is to figure out who's driving those cars and avoid them like the fucking plague.
Taub did one for Crompton...http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/07/the-bespoke-leather-jacket-part-1.html
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