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Are the RRLs straight or low-straight?
There's a whole thread about people who will never buy anything from Ambrosi (an opinion extends far beyond the confines of this forum). And of those who still actively purchase from him, many only see the shiny new Armoury version of Ambrosi -- a relationship that keeps him far more disciplined as I understand it. But I think the Ambrosi example only strengthens my argument. People like Ambrosi's pants, but don't like his practices or tact. At a certain point the "dislike...
Sales 101 -- People buy from people they like. Now what characterizes that level of "like" or rapport or however you want to classify it is incredibly subjective. Someone could like a tailor because he follows orders well, whereas another may prefer a tailor that pushes back and offers advice. Either way, to unbel's point, if you didn't value some level of rapport and interaction you'd buy OTR. I'll also add that professionals are marked by their ability to deliver,...
I'd just like to chime in and say that if someone on SF is doing this you're a huge dick. The transparency, helpfulness and input of Greg, David and the NMWA staff on here is borderline absurd (could you imagine Mr. Porter having a dedicated thread for questions and feedback?) There's no excuse for needing to return things at such a rate when you have (most) all of your answers readily available. Really sucks that people are taking advantage of the fact that Greg is...
Nah, that's Chicago Guy 45.
It seems the NMWA customer could be categorized into one of two groups: Guys who wash shirts after every wear and guys who have never washed their jeans.
Looking sharp, Jeff. I like the idea of a one piece BD collar. The end result makes me think "louche American businessman on holiday in Capri." Though I must ask... what gives with the clip-ons? Y'all killing me with that noise.
They're as close to workwear as Derek can get before he's forced to change the name of his blog.
I'd say it wears cool, but really I've always thought its charm and utility lay more in its workhorse nature. Because it's cotton you can sweat right through it, wash it, and throw it back on (at least that was how it was originally intended). There are cooler-wearing fabrics to be sure.
New Posts  All Forums: