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I think SF lost it's edge with the elimination of Tranny Tuesdays. By Greg's logic of milestone-based dichotomy, it seems that pen0r is the DMZ of Style Forum. If anyone says they're surprised by that they're lying.
Clearly you're not a Senator...
This is exactly my point.But how long did it take you to come to this realization and how much money and time have you spent reaching that conclusion? There is an entire thread here related to buttonholes and multiple threads extolling the "art" of hand-finishing. So, while it may mean nothing to you, it's everything to a lot of people.You won't know what matters and what doesn't until you've taken the time to experience things for yourself.
I don't really think there is any way to avoid "bad purchases" or "buyer's remorse." You can only be completely sure of your purchases and decisions once you decide what REALLY matters to you. And, unfortunately, the only way (I know) of accomplishing that is through trial and error. Anyone who has spent any amount of time around clothes will be the first to tell you there is no such thing as the perfect fit, or the perfect garment, or the perfect "outfit." When you get...
The CHI/STL game was choppy. I think both teams' "injuries" at the end of the season were a direct factor in that. Hopefully 100+ minutes of hockey will shake the dust off. I'm looking forward to a smoother game on Saturday. The Blackhawks looked better than I anticipated. They had a solid 15 minutes of prolonged pressure between the second-half of the first and the first-half of the second. They need to try and sustain that. And they MUST get more pucks to the next -- 42...
Three overtimes' worth of beer last night = no SC or tie today. However, in my absence, I give SeaJen my full endorsement. Very similar to what I would have worn. Digging the hoof-pick and suede Chelseas.
How well do you think this works with 7-folds? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201716582689484
I'm trying it out. But like most experiments, I'll likely realize the old way was better.
That scale explains my life.
Jeans and a sport coat rarely look good together. If you think you're doing it right you're probably not. It's funny to see fuddy-duddy dads and wannabe sprezz-gods defend combinations that are naturally at odds with one another.Welcome to the forum.
New Posts  All Forums: