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In the spirit of being that dick who does whatever he wants, I'm posting an assortment of my favorite WAYWRN pics of all time. Let's be honest, one thumb from me is worth twenty from others (just ask your mom). So, here are some of my favorites from the pre-thumb (pre-2012) era. Mao: Foo: Doc: Butler: EFV: Urban: CPT: GDL: I'm missing a lot, but those were the ones I could easily source. Figure they'll be good for conversation if nothing else. Mod(s),...
I know Derek has already waxed poetically on the fit of his shirts, but I would not be comfortable in something that tight. It's like a constant reminder to hit the gym--but not too hard.
I know it's wrong to judge people on their appearance, but fuck that guy.
^I see you did a ninja edit, and I don't completely disagree with your sentiments. However, when it comes to shoes and shoe care, he was always pretty on-point.
I'm not sure you're reasoning, pB, but I spoke with fritzl about the stuff at length a few years ago and he was insistent that it should be used sparingly. I use Saphir conditioner regularly (let's say once every 20 wears or so?) and that seems to do the job, but I only use Reno 2-3 times a year and that's when things are looking particularly dry or beat up. Aside from that I just do the usual brush after wearing, trees, dust bags routine. Worth noting that I rarely shine...
Canta, how often are you applying Reno? Every week and half seems really excessive...
I think I have a black calf one lying around somewhere, but honestly if the situation is formal enough for black shoes (I'm a farmer), then I'll go braces.
I have two (formal) belts. One in dark brown alligator, the other in black alligator. If a shoe is anything other than black, I wear the brown belt, if the shoe is black I wear the black belt. If I wear a suit I wear suspenders.
This list is ridiculous. Riding on rims after a flat, leaving the scene of an accident, wearing adult diapers?! They make it seem like you have to be James Bond to survive a trade show. I understand there is a lot of money and (accordingly) a lot of theft, but this list has to have some edge of humor to it.
I was just thinking about that. No store in Atlanta but I may give them a call. I assume they won't have much to say, but worse comes to worst I'll call Bernard at home.
New Posts  All Forums: