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That's the very reason I bought a pair of 3sixteen SL-100. I wear my RRL Straights exclusively with chukkas and Chelseas. At any rate, I still standby my theory on a higher rise looking best. Mid-to-low always looks out of place with a jacket, IMO.
I wear RRL Straights with Cheleas and jackets from time to time. I find the higher rise makes them look better with a jacket.
8.5UK Lobb patent leather tuxedo shoes on Grailed for $450 shipped. Our SF Overlords forbid me from linking.
If you constantly worry about wearing, damaging or staining your "nice things," you probably shouldn't be buying them in the first place. "Wear the clothes, don't let them wear you" and all that...
Harrison's Mirage has some nice windowpanes. While I think the lines could be thicker and the panes wider, the weave has a "might be herringbone, might not be" factor that adds depth while w/s/l lends some texture.
Not sold, but converted. Buy less, buy better and all that.You should come visit a climate that requires shorts some day. We have this stuff called sunlight, it's just fantastic.
A very San Franciscan solution indeed.They've actually ended up stretching a decent amount. I was concerned that they were gonna stay completely rigid. Hopefully they will be perfect after another handful of wears.
Didn't mean to call you or Reuben into question, more meant it's a stretch to say the best way of acquiring a belt is to hunt and/or kill something personally. Seems a little far-fetched. I also don't really care for snakeskin in any form, but particularly rattlesnake. Sure the belt makes for good cocktail party fodder, but I'm never really after that anyway. Either way, willing to bet Reuben enjoys it (as well he should).Hope the drinks are going down smooth.
I'm cool with $1k for handsewn by an artisan maker, but $1,300 for something that is machine made? I'm wearing a RLPL strap right now, and while it's my go-to and a great belt, it's hardly worth $1,000+.With all respect to Reuben (having not seen his work), paying him to make a belt from something he killed or that I found and sent seems like a marginally less practical way of getting a belt then, say, ordering something online from a world-renowned brand/maker. Again,...
Looks like the only O-rings they have now are crocodile and gator, but I'll keep an eye out. Speaking of, thank you for reminding me of how absurd RL's exotic belts are. $1,300 for a belt -- Oh for sure, man.
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