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To Manton's comment, I assume there is a big difference in cutting a pattern for one person vs. cutting a pattern for everyone (and no one). Plus you're working from a designer's vision rather than measurements, rock of eye, etc. Seems like two completely different skill sets.
Well I think there's a less-than-slight difference between one-time felons and dictators accused of war crimes/noted international dictators with ties to terrorism and human rights violations...I know what you're getting at, but to jed's point, these are internationally recognized and hated figures.
Yeah, again, I don't disagree with your sentiments (I too find the willful acceptance of blood money as despicable). And they may well lose a potential customer here and there because of it. But by-and-large I have to assume their more nefarious clientele will have little-to-no impact on their larger customer base. It also seems that the dictators have created new business for them, as there is a whole slew of otherwise unrelated terrible people wearing their stuff.It...
Capitalism ain't for the faint of heart...And while I agree tailors could and should hold themselves to a higher standard, you have to ask yourself: What are the actual repercussions of dressing oppressive world leaders? Do you think the usual clientele of elite French bespoke tailors (the lawyers and financiers of the world) are going to avoid buying from them because of their client list? Or, better yet, do you think someone who as been using them for years would stop...
The dude 12 posts above who wears black everyday begs to differ. He's the one pissing in his own mouth.
So it appears I have been blowing this thread up as of late. However, I do have one more question. Does anyone have a recommendation on a solid navy cashmere (or cashmere blend) scarf with no fringe? Looking to spend under $150 if possible. TIA.
Looks like we have our first look at Lobb x Gerbase: As expected doesn't look at all out-of-place with Lobb's more classic offerings, but I'll withhold judgment until after the full collection is released. More info here. Edit: Just realized this was the same article Derek linked to earlier, but will leave the picture as I think it gives the conversation more context.
Not a fan of Corthay, but that popped in my head.I have to admit MMM/Raf/Yang Li is out of my depth. However, to your original point, Paula's designs are much more in that spirit. I still wonder what a bunch of traditional English shoemakers will think of that and where corporate (Hermes) will side/hash-out. Just seems like there will have to be a real understanding from the out-set.
Haha, thought that might strike a chord.I think Charlie is great and am honestly a lot closer to identifying with him than I am an Italian big tymer. But his style (seems to me) like it's a lot more "I've seen and done it all, I'm done," than "This is what makes me look the best."
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