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Hard to say. The article is decidedly brief, but to be "thoroughly investigated" in Italy means you're either not paying the right people or are being insanely egregious. Either way, they clearly pissed of the wrong people. While part of me would believe it's more sensationalism than anything else, these shortcuts in production are somewhat legendary at this point.
I actually think we should have an Official SF Cashmere Paternity Test Thread. Maury will moderate. Senior members will dance off the stage once it's revealed that c. 2008-2010 Avon Celli knitwear was unaffected.
Derek, I foresee this affecting future fabric content tags from Inis MeƔin (5% rat). But how "heritage" are rats?
How can you be sure he's not in on it? #cashmereilluminati
Rud, not a fan of that belt. Too much hardware for me. But the real point is that I likely wouldn't have noticed it had your tie been the proper length.
You can't spell Simonnot-Godard without R-A-T.
There have been a number of people, here and elsewhere, that have stated that the quality of cashmere has dropped considerably over the past two decades. While cashmere was once a true luxury product available from a number of Italian and Scottish mills in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, many of these mills and their suppliers have shut down or been absorbed into larger conglomerates, victims of a shift in consumer thinking that glorifies cheap and easy over time-consuming and...
Getting a custom shirt is really not that complicated, and far less complicated than getting pants or a jacket done. Realistically most true MTM shops won't even provide a fitting: you'll get your measurements taken and the shirt will be delivered. And even if you do request a fitting, the tweaks will be minor. There is just not a lot you can do with the simple construction of a shirt. However, I do think the process will address the issues you're seeing in these shirts....
Have you considered MTM? At the $200 price point, depending where you are, you should be able to get one made. You seem pretty aware of RTW shortcomings to marry yourself to something off the peg. I think you'd do fine to have one made. You can also go the online route, though it's best to get your measurements and fit down with a true tailor first.
Of the two, the Inglese fits your frame better. There are some obvious issues, but you'd have to wash the shirt a few times before saying what needs to happen to improve fit.
New Posts  All Forums: