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Probably came from the recent Slate article.
Interesting. Thanks for the feedback, gents. If the consensus is that they are a shade or so darker than the Merino Bros pics I'll certainly want to get my hands on some swatches. Considering 28431 already looks really inky-blue in the Merino picture, much darker and I may reconsider it.Per it being a thicker cloth, do you find it wears heavy? Fully intend on a buggy lining so it shouldn't be an issue, but am interested to know if the weight/composition is (somewhat)...
That's where I first saw the fabric (tip of the hat to Concordia). However all the images on that page seem to be quite saturated on my phone/monitor. Almost as if there's a filter of some sort. I just wanted to get a second opinion on coloring/texture/weave, etc from someone that has firsthand knowledge. I'll obviously get a sample before ordering but don't want to go through the hassle if the IRL fabric looks completely different.
I don't really see either as inherently informal ("casual" may have been the wrong word), but I do think all of the spalla camiccia variations create a softer silhouette. Something that is better suited, to my thinking, for an odd jacket execution. A more pronounced sleevhead just creates more of a "frame" for the shoulder (and jacket as a whole) that aesthetically strikes me as more formal. I'm sure that others would argue that, however.At any rate, digging your execution.
I really like spalla camiccia for more unstructured/casual odd jackets. However, when it comes to suits or even worsted blazers I like a bit more of a defined silhouette for the shoulder. Makes it look more formal to my eye. That idea is only compounded when it's a DB configuration.Either way great suit. Wear it in good health.
Interested to see 28431 and 28429. Have you made anything up in Mirage? I'm really intrigued by the composition and curious to know how well it tailors and wears. Thanks for the help!
Beautiful sleevehead, Sander
Wanted to see if anyone has (or has access to) the Harrisons Mirage book. I realize I'll likely have to reach out to Harrisons directly, but figured I'd check here first. PM if you got an in.
Anyone have suggestions for a pop-over anorak? Looking for something simple in a light nylon, waxed cotton or Ventile -- in short, something water resistant. Been digging the Battenwear Packable but can't find a sustainable color/material in my size.
No fit pictures, but I have a question: A number of my shirts (about 10 at this point) have developed a horizontal tear in the left elbow either right below or above the flex point. This problem has only arisen within the past couple of months and has happened with both RTW and custom shirts. I spoke with my shirt guy and he seems to think it's mostly regular wear-and-tear. While I'm sure that has something to do with it (every shirt with a tear is at least a year old)...
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