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Interesting. Looks like there are plenty of eBay sellers offering the grey "Moving Rubber" Gatsby wax. For $10 might as well give it a shot. I appreciate the advice.I generally avoid blow-drying as it usually lends too much volume, making me look like I'm wearing a helmet.
Looking for some advice. I have thick, straight hair that I wear in a short side part (pic for reference). It tends to get greasy and messy quickly, so looking for: A shampoo that can cut through build-up (without murdering my scalp) A cream that I can use for styling I'm currently using Aveda Grooming Clay, which I like because it leaves a relatively sheen-free, natural appearance. However, it lacks a bit in the hold department (a stray breeze renders me disheveled),...
That was my fear. I guess I'll just bring them to a cobbler and see what he can do...
Speaking of cracking between tiles, is there anything that can be done to repair that cracking/separating? I have a pair that are cracking at the outside of each foot (close to the pinky toe). It isn't readily noticeable when they are being worn, but I would like to repair them if possible. Any suggestions?
New & Lingwood Butterfly Loafers 8.5D US They seem to be in like-new condition, though I'd ask to see the soles. I own a pair from N&L "Bespoke" range and they are fantastic.
Ben Silver has C&J Handgrades for $440 shipped. http://www.bensilver.com/Sale-Shoes-and-Socks.html
Here's a shitty picture of the California tux routine I seem to wear daily. Since it's the first fit pic I've taken in a minute, might as well spread it around (cross-poast from the A&S Expats thread).
Took a (shitty) picture of the Steed Portofino jacket I've owned for a few months. I also wrote about it.
The traditional issue with "half canvas" is the assumption that the rest of the jacket is fused. This can lead to awkward creasing and bubbling of fusing and glue if worn a lot (granted in recent years this has become rarer due to better technology in glues and fusing). Either way, if a jacket is unlined (read: not fused) in the body with canvas in the chest and shoulders, you're unlikely to have an issue (or notice a difference). Sid Mashburn recently introduced a similar...
Aside from construction, the cloths that Drake's are offering are far more unique and enticing than anything I've seen from Ring for F/W (granted, it's early). The potential loophole here is buying a jacket direct from the London shop (which comes out to ~$1k). Issue there, of course, are unknown customs fees, especially for the cash gun club. US Customs are apparently all iGents, given their fervor for cashmere.Thanks for the note. Any chance you could quantify...
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