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Have you seen the Mock Lino in real life? The weave is WAY looser than that picture. Almost like a knit. Given your parameters, I'd take it off your list. It seems only appropriate for a completely unstructured casual jacket.
I hear after 11 commissions they introduce fun house mirrors to test your savvy and understanding of the bespoke process. Most will never reach this level.
Been asked to sub on a buddy's hockey team tomorrow night. While I love all of you, that's an easy decision. Let me know if it gets rescheduled and I'll try to make it.
Just popping in to say I co-sign all Patagonia/normcore/dadcore staples. Whether "fashionable" or not it's pretty easy for a normal dude to look good wearing it and, as empty noted, the stuff lasts forever with little to no thought. As you were.
Here's a CM casual teba look that I think plays well (Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa).
My wife more or less refuses to shop for me. That generally results in us going on trips for holidays, birthdays, etc. Much easier way to make things meaningful and if you're a true StyFoDude a trip overseas will be about the same cost as a trip to the tailor's. The other option is to introduce her to a SA at your favorite store. Donnie at Sid Mashburn can set his watch by my wife reaching out around my birthday or the holidays.
Yeah I wouldn't hesitate if this was a patterned or heavily textured cloth. The Finmeresco has a slightly smoother hand than 10oz Fresco, so there's some texture there, but I fear it may be too suit-like...
Having a blazer made and am back-and-forth on hip pocket preference. I use the hell out of my hip pockets - keys, sunglasses, business cards, etc. - so I find that my flapped pockets end up with tucked flaps best case, and mangled/wrinkled flaps worst case. My usual answer to this is patch pockets, though I'd prefer this blazer to be a bit more formal/conservative. That leads me to jetted/besom pockets... Does anyone own/have had a solid-color odd jacket/blazer made up...
1/31 could work for me.
I'm out for the 26th. Will be drunk and freezing; in Minneapolis for a pond hockey tournament. Rest assured I'll look fantastic on and off the ice.
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