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Thanks for the insight, guys. Greg -- The fiancee is looking into the Lungarno Hotel now, actually. I think that's likely where we'll end up. Looks like an awesome time. Gus -- Villa Cortina looks awesome. Unfortunately, given the itinerary we've already put into place, I'm not sure it would be doable. We'd likely have to call an audible on the logistics (which is obviously not out of the question). I may come as less than shocking that the missus will have final say....
Heading to Italy for my honeymoon. Late September/early October. It will be the fiancee's first time in Italy, so looking to mix up the touristy with the romantic -- 2 nights Florence, 2 nights Rome, 4 nights Amalfi. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on places to stay in Amalfi. All but settled on Positano, but could be swayed if there are better options in the region. Open to hotels or houses/apartments. We're pretty low maintenance when it comes to housing. Think...
As an arbiter of such a blog, I find it only cuts into my masturbation time...
This is at least the third time he's relisted this, so I'd bet he'd take a reasonable offer. I'm super tempted, but with Spring right around the corner I need another pair of boots like I need a hole in the head.
To be fair, when I think "extended shoulder" I think padding. When I think "off the shoulder" I'm more inclined to imagine foo's silhouette. Granted, I think that's splitting hairs, and I'd certainty clarify what I wanted, but if I were to ask for one I'd be upset to receive the other.
I'll save Foo the trouble...
Harrison's Mirage is pretty decent, though I go in and out of liking certain patterns -- most of them are decidedly summery. I'm intrigued to see the Harrison's Icarus book as all the fabrics in there are w/l/s mix, but with higher concentrations of wool, which is right up my alley. Cacciopoli also has a few in their latest book.I'll have to check out LP when I sit down with my tailor.
+1. Living in the South I all but rely on airy fabrics 10 months out of the year. I've made a (likely to be broken) promise to myself that I will use a wool/linen/silk blend for all of my commissions for the foreseeable future. Since I only ever really wear SCs (no Suits) I think it should be alright, but I do struggle to find colors and patterns that are year-round friendly (read: the visual interest without looking too slubby/summery).
I've had issues with linen knitwear losing its shape in the past, so good to know about the IM blend. May have to investigate further.The only linen knitwear I have right now is a 70/30 linen/cashmere crew neck by Luciano Barbera. The cashmere helps the sweater retain its shape a bit better and also adds a nice softness. While I really dig linen as a blend, I usually stay away from things that are 100% linen, save for airy summer shirts.
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