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Hey everyone! After going through many European shirting companies, and finding some distributors in the U.S., I am now looking for some from Japan. What I was seeing from Europe was more expensive than what I am looking for. This so far has proved much more difficult. Does anyone know some distributors for some of the top Japanese textile mills? Thank you for all help in advance!
This is my first shirt I have purchased at proper cloth, I am about to send it back for the alterations I can get, but am not quite sure what measurement to change to fix this. I was thinking to narrow the yolk, which would bring in the shoulders, and reduce the material there that folds over. Does this seem right? The chest measurement cannot go any smaller, as it is just large enough to where it does not pull at the buttons. Thanks for the help in advance!
All of these sweaters are still in really good shape, I've just lost a decent amount of weight, and am also moving. Let me know if you have any questions!
tretorns, or sperry cvo deck shoe.
Thanks for the info! I actually just through those two out there because I know they are made my different manufacturers, and know that most other knits are made by the same as Paul Stuart. That is one of the reasons I said price was not a huge issue as well.
I understanD the difference in price, but if anyone has any experience with the two I would really appreciate a comparison of the two. Is the Drake's tie worth it? What are the differences? Thanks!
I have been searching around for quite some time now, and cannot come to a conclusion as to which Gambert makes the best shirts. I know that many big names use them for their own private labels, but which is which? Who is used for this? Or does anyone have any experience with any of them? These are the three I have: Skip Gambert: Mel Gambert: Gambert:
I have seen that Epaulet manufacturers their chinos in Los Angeles, and that Unis is moving production there. Does this mean they are produced at the same place? Any idea where either chino is produced? It would be interesting if they were indeed manufactured at the same place.
I have a question about the Thomas Mason Shirts. Does Thomas Mason make these shirts? Or just the fabric? If they just make the fabric, does J.Crew just then turn and have the shirts made in the same factories as their other dress shirts? Sorry for the confusion, just trying to understand the differences.
Need this sold!
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