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Selling this quality pair of WvG chinos in espresso color. These chinos are really soft and have been a favorite of mine for a while. Only selling to get some extra cash to build other parts of my wardrobe. This is a size 35 but fits well for a size 34. Has been washed and air dried only a 3-4 times. Worn out lightly several times. A button on the back pocket is a little loose and probably requires a little bit of sewing to tighten back on. Nothing major, just a little...
Selling this slim, white oxford shirt in medium from Epaulet. Washed and air dried once. Worn out only twice. Still in great condition, has mostly been sitting in my closet. Measurements from Epaulet's website are as follows: Chest: 20" Shoulder: 18" Length: 30" $110 shipped in USA. Paypal only.
Selling this pair of chinos from Blue in Green in size 33. It is a nice, slim-straight fit pair of quality chinos. I've worn this pair maybe 5-6 times and has been washed twice and air dried. It is in excellent condition. Measurements according to website are as follows: Waist: 34.5" Front Rise: 10.75" Upper Thigh: 13" Knee: 9.25" Leg Opening: 8.75" Inseam: 33.25" $110 shipped in US. Paypal only.
Selling this quality pair of Epaulet's Worsted Flannel Trouser in the Walt fit. The Pine color is really nice. It appears like a dark grey indoors but shows more of its green tint in the daylight. This pair has been care for well as it as has never been washed and only worn out twice. However, the inseam has been hemmed to a length of 30". I'm 5'8 and I had these trousers break nicely over a pair of dress shoes. Measurements for this size 34 are otherwise as follows from...
Selling this WvG Plum Oxford in the 'Before Dinner' cut in size Large but fits more like a Medium. Washed once and worn out only twice. PM for details. $50 shipped. Paypal only.
N&F Slim Guy black denim for sale in Size 34. These are new with tags and have never been worn. Just been hanging in my closet and have decided against keeping them. $60 shipped. Paypal only.
Washed once and never worn out. Grabbed these a couple months ago but have decided to pass them along. These are the EP Smiths that have now been discontinued by Epaulet. Slim-straight fit denim in a Size 34. Here are the measurements from Epaulet's website: Waist: 34.5" Full Rise: 11.25" Inseam: 35.5" Thigh: 12.75" Knee: 9" Leg Opening: 8" $80 Shipped. Paypal in US only.
finally got my order in and hoooly smokes these spring shirts are sweet! the colors really pop out. can't wait to rock them outside any updates of when the dandy pants are dropping?
is it just me or did the chest sizes increase a bit on the BD shirts? if it did then I'm really excited because before the medium BDs were perfect on the shoulder but always a tad bit tight in the chest. either way i had to snag the sno-cone and funfetti plaid, so can't wait for these to arrive! props to the WvG team for this spring release and the new size charts! i'm really seeing my tote purchase starting to pay off.
mauro that spring collection is looking pretty sweet! especially looking forward to those dandy pants. will they be included in the tote email tonight/tomorrow?
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