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you can find some gems at yoox. but be prepared to go through a lot of garbage (wrong sizes, etc.) first
grab park aves off anniversary sale now. considering each law school class you attend costs around $300 if you're lucky, these are a legit investment. black park aves, can't go wrong
my auto-response is always suitsupply. free shipping, free returns, maybe tax free depending on where u live. third year law student (you are entering a world of trouble, friend) 550 for a suit is reasonable.
I'm not feeling this at all
i sold it to a member of limp bizkit no joke. it runs on a full wind but it just badly needs to be serviced
sweater suit is a solid option for small dudes. i dig it. yoox too
Thoughts on Sweater-Suit - go:
Would listen to any offers. Mrs. Field's gc could do the trick.
Yeah, servicing will cost between 200-300, is the price quote I got from a reputable source (Nesbit). If I bite the service bullet, I'm just going to keep it, last call all around. Will happily sell it for $800 or the exact same price I paid for it 2 months ago.
honest, u dont need to worry about like where its made for starts, just gotta find one that looks good on you
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