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Monks are gone, only have the loafers left. $150.
italian made is still a big deal?
150 each
ktu ls is a good school but it isn't h or y. or s or a or b ls.
happy mother's day.
went to ls. as much as every one hates on the legal market, going to h or y has never hurt anyone. unless you can't stand it and drop out or something. the skepticism from harold about getting into hys, especially y and s makes sense since...what like 100 people per year get accepted to yls? congrats tho
$350 for both, $180 individually
Will sell both pairs for $400 or individually for $200 Size XS is still not small enough. I'm a 34s, thin guy. Will throw in two Pensacola Polos, I think I wore one of them once, and the other is basically new without tags. Colors for the polos are Oatmeal and a Orange/Red/Rust color. Both are solid. Will take more photos later. Please inquire.
you can find some gems at yoox. but be prepared to go through a lot of garbage (wrong sizes, etc.) first
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