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This suit is from Suit supply.I had a couple of minor alterations done to the suit, so I cant return. Thanks for the suggestion though.I will have the trousers lengthened and jacket let out in the back. Its not MTM. Its OTR with a couple of alterations.Yes, I see that. Do you think that can be fixed/altered?
Thanks again. It might just be the angle. The jacket covers my rear.
Thank you both for the suggestions. I am considering lengthening the trousers by half an inch and shortening the sleeves by half an inch. I am not sure if there is anything else to do.
Hi all, I just bought a suit from Suit supply and wanted to get your opinions on the fit. I am guessing the jackets sleeves have to be shortened half an inch or so, and trousers should be lengthened half an inch. It would be great if some of you can give your opinions. Thanks in advance. 1) 2) 3)
I am facing the same issue too.I am not sure if I placed duplicate orders.
Can I please get a quote for McTavish wingtip oxford in Brown cognac leather for size 10.5 D? Thanks.
Pm'ed you
There are some factory outlets right off the I94 at Kenosha , WI if that's what you are looking for. I know there is a Polo and a Jcrew outlet there.Worth stopping by
Looks like all the links are invalid
Is that a slim fit?
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