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these are like a mix of the 'Lug' and the classic boat shoe.I like them, they look sturdier than a boat shoe.I like those quoddy bluchers too. A classic that has never dated IMO.I find the boat shoe sole wears away quickly (since I am usually walking about a city rather thanstanding on a wooden deck) but I like the look and practicality of them.Dressier than a sperry/cvo type boat shoe I find and can be worn with jeans or shorts ifon holiday.Back on topic- the look can be...
As with a lot of items worn we just called them whatever (usually made up) . Thinking back you are right -they would be more like a trekking/walking shoe with that sole,but a classic boating shoe upper.Upon some research they are called "Classic Lug"- I dont know if they are based on an old classic style or just made up for the eighties !
Hi all , Been reading this thread since the start ( following on from mod to suede ). Thought I'd chip in here and there ... Regarding the boat shoes /bluchers above . Although not in any way skinhead - they are very much the 'look' in a Casual or Mod sense. Those chunky soles timberland 'boat shoes' ( UK term?) were a big part of the early 90's casual look . Worn with RL denim button down (untucked) and Armani jeans - a look stolen (albeit a few years too late) by Liam... few pics may not have been on here
(steve Ellis-the love affair) from the new Mods book.
Yes I agree- mods were always looking at getting a one-up/one-off item of clothing that no-one else had seen (or could get hold of) before-so any sportswear (apart from cricket wear which would be english) would have been imported and therefore unobtainable for most people who didnt know the 'source'. Italian cycling tops/German running shoes (adidas)/american sweatshirts/french plimsolls (someone mentioned Spring Court-think John Lennon got married to Yoko wearing...
Plenty pics of mods (small faces for one) wearing adidas 'trainers' (italia were a popular model) with jeans or cords. They must've been quite hard to get at the time....only available from high end sports shops. I suppose mods had a thing for unusual (and mostly foreign) sportwear (cycling shoes/tops, US college sports wear, plimsolls,boat shoes/jumpers, cricket jumpers etc etc, even harringtons were golfing jackets originally) . film about the glasgow gangs-some nice glimses of clothes if you look hard- ( I spotted a scooter ). Some famous pics from the frankie vaughn thing floating about but never saw the programme before.
Is that Nick Lowe again?
nice pic of 2 of the guys from the infamous photo shoot
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