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(steve Ellis-the love affair) from the new Mods book.
Yes I agree- mods were always looking at getting a one-up/one-off item of clothing that no-one else had seen (or could get hold of) before-so any sportswear (apart from cricket wear which would be english) would have been imported and therefore unobtainable for most people who didnt know the 'source'. Italian cycling tops/German running shoes (adidas)/american sweatshirts/french plimsolls (someone mentioned Spring Court-think John Lennon got married to Yoko wearing...
Plenty pics of mods (small faces for one) wearing adidas 'trainers' (italia were a popular model) with jeans or cords. They must've been quite hard to get at the time....only available from high end sports shops. I suppose mods had a thing for unusual (and mostly foreign) sportwear (cycling shoes/tops, US college sports wear, plimsolls,boat shoes/jumpers, cricket jumpers etc etc, even harringtons were golfing jackets originally) .
http://vimeo.com/35847452 film about the glasgow gangs-some nice glimses of clothes if you look hard- ( I spotted a scooter ). Some famous pics from the frankie vaughn thing floating about but never saw the programme before.
Is that Nick Lowe again?
nice pic of 2 of the guys from the infamous photo shoot http://z5.ifrm.com/5902/155/0/p1038875/2gerry_at_terry_Spencer_book_launch.jpg
I dont remember or know all their names now-but they were northern soul guys who went to the mecca (blackpool). I do remember the guy with the "tash" was called Tash which I thought amusing! He was a top dancer at the Mecca supposedly. All of them guys were top boys at the mecca I was told ( I was told this 25 years ago by the guy who ran Black Market records in soho,Rene-he was supposed to be in the pic but was taken out for "not looking hard enough" !! ) . I think he...
As he always says on his radio show when referring to a Skinhead tune (or whenever he mentions the word Skinhead)... " thats the fashion kind,not the fascist kind"..
From mod pics about 66/7 the jeans look slimmer than the 501's of before. Ive seen 101z re-issued recently and the style was "1966". Maybe these are the ones. Maybe the first slim jean before the 505's?
Any idea of what model the Lee jeans you mention are? I suppose jeans would have bought new-so maybe a model around 66/7 ?
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